Education Cartel


This section is dedicated to exposing the abuses that parents with children in the state controlled K-12 education system have experienced under National Education Administration purview.  It is both shocking and eye opening.  In the state of Kansas, the education cartel dictates through legal action in the courts the exact amounts that citizens must pay to have their child indoctrinated in the ptrevailing state ideology.

If You Want Real Change, Start with Education

Stopping the indoctrination of our children is a necessary first step.


Indoctrinate U: college has plan for your little ones

Indoctrinate U: college has plan for your little ones

A Washington state college thinks it's a good idea to start indoctrinating kids with politically correct thinking even before they enter kindergarten.


Colleges creating a Generation of Bigots

Teresa Mull, Breitbart

College campuses, especially those financed by the public, are supposed to be places that promote the free expression of ideas and encourage new, diverse, interesting, challenging, and/or unique thought, yet these days they are anything but. UC Berkeley, the site of massive protests against the conservative author Milo Yiannopolous, rakes in $9 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars every year. If UC Berkeley wants to advocate bigotry, it should do so without the support of American taxpayers. READ MORE

Tim Benson, Townhall

You’d have to look long and hard for a better example of a mismanaged and underperforming public-run school system than the Chicago Public Schools. Despite the fact that CPS teachers are the most highly compensated teachers in any major city, the Chicago Teachers Union voted overwhelmingly to go on strike during the 2016 spring semester. Most, if not all, of this would be forgivable if the system succeeded in adequately teaching Chicago students. It has not. READ MORE