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Obama Donates 7 Alaska Islands to Putin for Zero Dollars

10/26/2012 10:10
by World Net Daily {This article on Feb. 16, 2012 appears in very few places. Apparently, the regular "professional reporters" consider Obama giving away islands belonging to Alaska and part of the United States as no big deal. Obama is giving these islands to Russia for free, no cost, $zero money or any other consideration. Guess what? The state legislature in Alaska (still one of our 50 states) voted several times in opposition to THE GIVEAWAY! The islands have billions of barrels of OIL and Obama could let oil companies lease parts of the islands and start drilling for MORE OIL!! Should you suspect Obama was trying to sneak this by...? Why?? - Staff}   The State Department...

U.S. Supreme Court Mulls Constitutionality of Race Quotas

10/25/2012 09:45
by Judy Kent   Washington, DC - On Tuesday, October 10, at approximately 1:00 PM eastern, justices on the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of Abigail Noel Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. Should the justices overturn 2003's Grutter ruling that determined that campus diversity is a "compelling state interest" by finding the university's admissions process unconstitutional, it will set a major precedent outlawing affirmative action. Black conservatives with the Project 21 leadership network urge the Court to rule in favor of colorblind admissions policies. The group joined an amicus curiae ("friend of the court") brief submitted to the U.S....

Obama's Kenyan Birth..

10/24/2012 08:00
by Administrator   The task of getting to the truth of Obama's citizenship took a significant leap forward on October 22, 2012 as Indiana trial judge S.K. Reid admitted into evidence the testimony of two witnesses who demonstrated that Obama's birth certificate was a fraud.   Attorney Orly Taitz had attempted to show this back in 2009 when representing presidential candidate Alan Keyes in his Obama eligibility challenge. However, the plaintiff's pleadings were dismissed by the courts on standing issues. One judge even stated, that an inquiry into Obama's personal records would 'embarrass' the president. But, that's not a reason to protect a possible foreign national...
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Heartland Events

As a candidate for president in 2016, Donald Trump unveiled his America First Energy Plan—a bold proposal to transform the United States beyond mere energy independence. His goal was to make America a global energy power again, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Trump has already turned back years of Barack Obama’s anti-energy policies, causing the United States to once again emerge as a global energy power. This is an amazing turn of events—one that would have been impossible had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election, and still remarkable under Trump.


You must join us for The Heartland Institute’s America First Energy Conference to celebrate these accomplishments and learn more about what the future holds. We’ll be gathering in Houston, Texas at the J.W. Marriott Hotel on Thursday, November 9, 2017.


This conference will bring together the country’s greatest energy policy experts, as well as key players in the industry, to discuss how we’re making American energy great again. Will you join us in the heart of America’s energy and refinery industry for this timely and informative event?




Heartland’s America First Energy Conference will feature more than two dozen speakers presenting on eight panels and three plenary sessions. We expect hundreds of people to attend, and we are aiming to attract state legislators, think tank leaders, private sector government relations and policy analysts, and Heartland supporters like you.


The goals of this event are to:

  • Turn state legislators and state think tank leaders and policy analysts into advocates for key elements of the Trump administration’s America First Energy Plan.
  • Persuade civic and business leaders to publicly endorse the plan and back away from the anti-energy stances they adopted during the Obama years.
  • Generate national and international media attention for the plan.
  • To build popular support for implementing the plan at the national and state levels.

If you’ve ever been to one of Heartland’s International Conferences on Climate Change, you know our events drill down into serious policy. At the America First Energy Conference, we plan to examine – one year and one day after Trump’s shocking Election Day victory – the following:

  • Where does Trump’s America First Energy Plan stand?
  • How much progress has been made in implementing it, and what remains to be done?
  • What scientific and economic evidence is there the plan is putting the nation on the right path—either for economic growth, environmental protection, or both?

The event program is still coming together, but it will include prominent elected officials (including a member or two from Trump’s administration) and leaders from America’s energy industry. The panel discussions will address:

  • Energy and Prosperity
  • The Cost of Excessive Regulation
  • The Shale Oil and Gas Revolution
  • Energy and Agriculture
  • The Future of Coal
  • National Security and Energy Policy
  • Protecting Human Health
  • Protecting the Environment

There’s no doubt the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has created a unique opportunity to fundamentally transform U.S. climate and energy policies. Trump’s America First Energy Plan lays out the rationale for and important first steps of that transition—and Heartland’s research and outreach has helped to inform that plan. Come to Houston on November 9 and be a part of America’s energy revolution!


Tickets for the event are $349 and include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We expect a full house for this important conference, so register online today! If you have any questions, contact The Heartland Institute’s Events Manager Nikki Comerford at or 312/377-4000.


Register Today!