A look at the Iowa Republican Primary election

02/03/2016 11:00

by Wayne Flaherty


So Cruz won the Republican Primary - big deal. I would have been surprised if it had been otherwise. And so should you be. There were 166,134 total Republican votes cast. Cruz pulled 51,666 votes (28%) against Trump's 45, 427 (24%) votes. That means Cruz beat Trump by just 6,239 votes.

Remember this. Cruz had the benefit of a Republican machine populated by people like the man I talked to on the telephone during a state primary fight. I had volunteered to help a candidate I supported. I called each number, told them who I was and asked them to support my candidate in the coming election. As expected, I got a mixed reaction. Since I was using a Republican list most of them agreed to support my man. In the midst of calling I rang up a man who greeted me with the usual hello. I recited my little speech and asked for his support. (Now, remember, this was a primary election) The voice on the other end of the line boomed out the question, "Is he a Republican?" I said, "Yes." The voice blurted out, "Then by God he's got my vote!"

Too many people are like the voice. Honesty, morality, and integrity mean nothing to them. All that matters is that the candidate have his political affiliation behind his name and that his affiliation match theirs.  

Cruz was reported on in most of the major media outlets with the only negatives being minor differences over issues. Trump, on the other hand, was vilified, crucified, attacked, ridiculed and set upon in every way possible by every major media outlet. Like Sarah Palin before him, the media was determined to destroy him.

Hogwash you say. Consider this.

When Clinton was under impeachment one of the major media outlets sent a reporter to do a half hour interview with representatives from both sides of the issue. She interviewed one Republican and three Democrats on the steps of a federal building.

First to be interviewed was a conservative Republican. During the interview the Republican was not allowed to complete one single sentence without being interrupted by the hostess. Everything he said was challenged and disputed by the hostess. This same harassing went on every second of the 10 minutes the Republican was on camera.  

After a commercial, the host introduced the three Democrats who were to be interviewed. She asked them to comment on the situation, handed the microphone to them and stepped back out of camera range. The Democrats were allowed to present their views for a full 10 minute section of the show free from questions, harassment, or even the presence of the hostess.

This is the kind of treatment many Republicans and practically all conservatives receive at the hands of the Mainstream Media. They are collectively, the most bigoted, prejudiced, and spiteful, collection of so called reporters the world has ever seen. These are the same people who have been snapping at Donald Trump's heels since the instant he announced his decision to run for office.

Imagine yourself in his place. Most of you would have thrown in the towel long ago. Whether or not we agree with Trump's politics he has one redeeming characteristic. He is hated by the Mainstream Media. That alone makes him the best candidate of the lot.