A Message to Blacks - From Hillary & the Democrats

08/02/2016 09:56

by Wayne Flaherty


During the Democrat Convention, Hillary sent a message to blacks. It is the same message the Democrats have sent to blacks every election cycle. They want you to join with them as they sing another chorus of Kumbaya.  This campfire song from the 1920s carries the same blandly pious and naively optimistic idea the Democrats need to keep black voters in line and down on the Democrat plantation.

The Democrats love you. They will look out for you. They will help you up in a society that hates you because your skin is black. They will stand with you against the police. They don't care if your black brothers were committing a crime when the police were forced to kill them. They don't care if the police were exonerated when the facts were presented in court. All the Democrats see is a vote from you.

Consider the last eight years when Hillary and black Democrat Obama ran your government. Race relations have grown worse year after year. There has been a 58% increase of blacks on food stamps. In fact, there are now 47 million people on food stamps. The Democrats are not about solving problems. They are all about convincing you that you are a victim and the best way for you to fight back is to vote for them. It is mandatory that they keep you down on the Democrat Plantation, happy and contented with welfare and food stamps.

Do you feel safer now than eight years ago? Despite more than 3,400 dead blacks in Chicago, killed by their own people, that fact was never mentioned during the Democrat convention. The Democrats don't care if you die. They care if you vote. Do you actually think that Hillary Clinton will do anything differently about your plight in the next 4 years than has been done in the last 8 years? Down deep in your heart you know she won't change a thing. This pathological liar will promise you anything as she did 8 years ago. She will deliver the same nothing she and the Democrats delivered during the last 8 years. She has been, and will continue to be, the Washington establishment, the ultimate insider, the status quo. She is not the solution, she is the problem.

Democrat President Barack Obama  has invited the black racist group,  Black Lives Matter, into the Whitehouse several times since their creation. Hillary Clinton has consulted with them and they were present at the Democrat convention. This race-baiting, cop hating collection of blacks has stirred up race relations by inciting riots where people are killed or injured, where property is destroyed (your property) and anarchy rules.  They take obvious delight in the assassination of police. Would you feel safer having police patrol your neighborhood  or have it patrolled by Black Lives Matter. Do you feel safer when the black agitators start riots in your neighborhood? Why do you think riots only occur in black neighborhoods? It is because the Democrats want it that way. They want the ghetto aflame so you will stay on their Plantation, alive and well,  and voting straight Democrat while they promise to put out the fire.

Many of you serve in the military or have friends and relatives who serve. As a direct result of the policies Hillary Clinton helped create, the terrorist group ISIS, has extended it tentacles into every civilized nation on earth. Do you feel safer knowing that the same Hillary Clinton who left four Americans to die in Benghazi wants to protect you as president of this country? Do you feel safer knowing that, despite lie after lie and crime after crime, Hillary Clinton is never held accountable?

Are you better off with the IRS fining you for not having health insurance because you cannot afford Hillary's Obamacare? Just what part of your life has Hillary Clinton made better? Sit down with friends and neighbors in the privacy of your home and ask yourselves, "What has the Democrat and Hillary Clinton done for me? Exactly how is my life better now than it was eight years ago? Can I really expect Hillary Clinton to do something in the next four years that she has not done in the last eight years?" When you have completed your little informal survey, then ask yourselves why you would vote for Hillary Clinton.