A Reminder in History..

03/14/2017 11:49

by Anonymous


General Giap was a brilliant, highly respected leader of the North Vietnam military.  The following quote is from his memoirs currently found in the Vietnam war memorial in Hanoi:   "What we still don't understand is why you Americans stopped the bombing of  Hanoi. You had us on the ropes. If you had pressed us a little harder, just for another day or two, we were ready to surrender! It was the same at the battle of TET. You defeated us! We knew it, and we thought you knew it. But we were elated to notice your media was helping us. They were causing more disruption in America than we could in the battlefields. We were ready to surrender. You had won!"

{NOTE- "The idea that anti-war protests and media coverage of the Vietnam War eroded support and emboldened the North Vietnamese Army actually came from Bui Tin, a former colonel in the North Vietnamese Army"   Giap’s apparent confirmation that the anti-war movement ultimately led to the United States’ defeat in the Vietnam War appears to stem back to a 1990 interview he gave to American journalist Stanley Karnow about his strategy"  The fact that General Giap did not make this statement does NOT invalidate its truth as SNOPES once again does - ED}  

General Giap has published his memoirs and confirmed what most Americans knew. The Vietnam war was not lost in Vietnam it was lost at home. The same 
slippery slope, sponsored by the U.S. media, is currently underway. It exposes the enormous power of a Biased Media to cut out the heart and will of the 
American public. A truism worthy of note: Do not fear the enemy, for they can take only your life. 

Fear the media, for they will distort your grasp of reality and destroy your honor.