A Stark Contrast

07/26/2016 10:08

by Wayne Flaherty


Wednesday night at the Republic National Convention, attendees and viewers were treated to a stark contrast between Hillary Clinton and the Trump/Pence ticket.  On the one hand, two families with children brought up in an environment with standards, morals, and a strong work ethic lead the Republican ticket.

Leading the Democrat ticket is a dysfunctional family led by a pathological lying mother with a philandering husband.

The Trump children grew up with a set of rules that said no alcoholic beverages, no drugs, no tattoos and no punctured body parts (except for ear rings).

The Trump children have responsible positions in the business world, some with their own businesses, and some leading parts of the Trump empire. Their love for, and dedication to, their father is phenomenal. This would truly be a fabulous First Family to inhabit the White House. In both cases of the families on the Republican ticket, they are of such character that any American family could not go wrong by seeking to emulate them.


On the Democrat side, no one in their right mind would seek to emulate the Clintons. What sane person would possibly seek to adopt the standards, morals, and work ethic of the Dysfunctional Duo? The Clintons have amassed a fortune during their time in public service, even though their government salaries would barely support their life style. With his wife as president, Bill Clinton would have free reign to continue his philandering ways. He would be free to turn the White House into his personal whorehouse while Hillary turned blind eye to his infidelity. Power at any cost dominates the heart, soul, and mind of the anointed Democrat.


The contrast between the two tickets could not be clearer. If the American voter understands nothing else, they can simply look to the fundamental values of the candidates. If they do that, the Trump/Pence ticket will win in a landslide.