A suggested Trump response to the Orlando massacre

06/13/2016 10:14

by Wayne Flaherty


Mr. Trump,


Put Barack Obama on the defensive with some questions.

  • "Why have you continued for the past 7 plus years to refuse to declare war on terrorists? "
  • "Is being politically correct more important than the safety of the American people?"
  • The terrorists have declared war on the American people. "Why haven't we responded in kind?

Next, tell the voters what you would do.


I promise the American public that within my first seven hours as president I will do what Barack Obama  has refused to do for seven years - Declare War on Terrorism! To hell with political correctness. Islam is our enemy. The sooner we acknowledge that fact, the sooner we can make the American people safe again.


Next, force Obama's hand with a challenge.


The American people have a right to know why you refuse to defend them. Please Mr. President, answer them - hopefully sometime before you leave office.


Next, issue a warning to all liberals.


Using Orlando as an excuse for taking guns out of the hands of law abiding Americans will not work. Not on my watch! As president, I will see that all Americans continue to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. If every American in Orlando's Pulse nightclub had been carrying a weapon, there would have been no massacre.