3 years after the case against Obama was originally filed, the 9th Circuit dismisses it saying it is moot, too late

11/03/2015 09:51

by Orly Taitz

We have seen the courts simply covering up Obama’s use of bogus IDs. All of the cases filed against Obama prior to the general election were dismissed because they were not ripe yet. The case filed after the election was dismissed because it is moot. This is a total outrage and a cover up of the usurpation of the US presidency.


Further, the court erroneously stated that the plaintiffs did not seek injunctive relief, the court is wrong. Plaintiffs indeed sought the injunctive relief and it was denied.


Further, the court is sending a message to the secretaries of state and lower court judges: discriminate between the candidates, commit treason, cover up crimes and forgery and theft of IDs and we will further cover it up by saying: too late.

Bottom line, this is yet another proof that we do not have a system of Justice and any and all crimes committed by the establishment’s chosen puppets will be covered up by judges. This is tyranny!

Grinols judgment on appeal