8 hours marathon hearing in Ebola, quarantine case in Brownsville, TX. No decision yet

10/30/2014 10:25

by Orly Taitz


It was an extremely exhausting 8 hour session, from 10 am till 6 pm, barely made my flight to CA, just arrived and exhausted after 2 days with no sleep. The judge wants to think some more.  Bottom line, the judge said at the end of the hearing: privately I agree with you, as a matter of fact I believe that privately Mr. Kisor (Obama’s attorney) also agrees with you, but I need to make a decision whether I have legal grounds to grant you the relief you are seeking.

My epidemiology expert testified for 3 hours. There were 3 attorneys for the government,  they put on the stand Dr. Escobedo, he is a CDC quarantine officer, and designed their protocol which they use at JFK. He stated that his protocol is great and works. I told him to tell it to Nina Pham and Amber Vinson,  2 Dallas nurses who caught Ebola. 


The person who signs the quarantine for the government is a CDC Division Chief, Marty Citron, he signs on behalf of the Secretary of  Health and Human Services. Sylvia Burwell.

Escobedo stated that they de facto have a quarantine. I asked, what is it. He said that they give people from West Africa a kit. I asked what is in the kit, he said instructions, the phone number of the CDC and a thermometer. (I did not ask where they should put this thermometer)

I asked about the risk level for providers. He said: very low. I asked, how come 450 doctors and nurses in Africa, who were covered in Hazmat gear head to toe, caught Ebola and 232 of them died. How could this happen with a very low risk?? He tried to weasel out of it by saying that it is a very low risk for every patient, but since they treated many patients, the risk added up. He later admitted that Ebola is indeed the highest level 4 risk. I asked, isn’t it true that we have only 22 level 4 beds in the country. He said that this number does not surprise him.

I asked, if he is aware that WHO predicts 1.5 million Ebola cases by January. I made a calculation that if we have now 10,000 Ebola cases in Africa and  4 patients in US, then with 1.5 million in Africa, using the same proportion, we would have some 600 in US. I asked him, how can we treat 600 Risk 4 patients, if we only have 22 Risk 4 level beds? He did not really have an answer.

Escobedo stated that this is their de facto quarantine. Even the judge got exasperated and told him: Doctor, what kind of quarantine is it, if these people are walking  around, taking the subway, going bowling and exposing thousands to Ebola? Judge jokingly added: here is a lesson to you, always bring your own shoes while bowling.

The judge also grilled the Chief of Border Patrol. Judge Hanen told him that he read in the Washington Post that Obama ordered printing a large number of IDs, which is an indication that he is preparing a large amnesty. Judge Hanen asked Chief Kevin Oakes, wouldn’t this big amnesty be a magnet to another flood of illegals, who will hope to get legalized like their predecessors? Oakes agreed that if Obama sticks us with this new mega amnesty, we will see a huge flood of illegals storming the borders. The judge asked Oakes if he is prepared. Oaks said that they have millions of rounds of ammunition

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[Note: The Brownsville hearing is yet another judicial farce as the courts continue to manage political damage for the Obama administration over the open borders until well after the November elections. The judge has already comprimised his integrity and impartiality by admitting to the plaintiff that he thought she was correct on her pleadings. But, then to say that he needs to 'think some more' on whether he has the legal grounds to grant relief.  What does that mean? The codified laws or the wash of contradictory regulations spewed out by HHS, ICE , DOE and DHS?  Why is that just now a consideration? It should have been the first thing considered when the suit was filed, if this was a legitimate court proceeding rather than a charade.  This is the same judge who said at the preliminary hearing that he wasn't saying 'no' to the injunctive relief pleading, just 'no' at this time. Judge Hanen has no real intention of ruling against the administration on the open borders, to grant quarantine or injunctive relief; he's either vying for some political favor or he's dutifully abetting the administration's political agenda.

Court testimony indicates that no real precautions have been taken by the Obama administration to contain Ebola.

A Virus Can Contaminate an Entire Building in Just Hours Study as infected people are free to move around and infect others. The CDC approved Amber Vinson's flight as she was becoming ill with ebola.  "The infection of a second person who had been caring for Thomas Duncan suggests a total failure in CDC and hospital containment protocols."  Or could this simply be the case that "many people "may turn out to have been used or sacrificed for science.."   So, if Judge Hanen doesn't have the authority to act, why did he accept the case and string out the hearing for nearly two months? 

There's no doubt that the Obama administration is clearly operating outside of the established laws of the United States and the courts are providing political and legal cover toward that objective. The article first appeared here. - ED]