America Draws Closer to a Dangerous 'Constitutional Convention'

12/30/2016 11:20

by Theodore A. Patterson


Early next year, state legislatures across the country will be considering dangerous bills that could fundamentally transform our system of government.

These bills -- supported by establishment insiders and powerful lobbyists -- attempt to utilize the untested “Article V Convention” (a.k.a. Con Con) process to change the U.S. Constitution.

Because an Article V Con Con has never been attempted, none of the self-proclaimed “experts” know what will happen at a convention if they get their way.

The Constitution itself doesn’t spell out the convention process or how delegates should be chosen.

So progressive activists will be able to use their money and influence to affect the entire process.

In fact, several George Soros and Bloomberg-funded left-wing front groups are actively clamoring for a Con Con, including organizations like the Center for Media and Democracy, Code Pink, the Sierra Club, and the secretive Wolf-PAC.  Soros and his pals want to use their dominance over powerful liberal states like California, Illinois, and New York to limit free speech and repeal the individual’s right to bear arms.

ANY Con Con proposal would put all of your rights on the chopping block, because it gives unelected, unaccountable delegates free rein to rewrite the entire Constitution.  Please sign the petition demanding your state legislators  oppose and vote NO on any Article V Con Con bills.


Your National Council for Freedom and Enterprise will update you and deliver your petition when Con Con bills move in your state.

With your help, We CAN defeat this terrible scheme.



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