Police Keep America Safe by Killing Homeless and Handicapped

09/26/2012 21:08

By Nick Hodge Nick Hodge

America sucks.  It hasn't always. But it does right now. And it doesn't have to stay that way. You can change it...

Of course, some people won't agree with me. They'll say it's the greatest nation on earth. The freest. Home of the brave.  To them I ask: Would the freest nation on earth publicly execute a wheelchair-bound double amputee at a home for the mentally ill?

It happened last week in Houston.  The courageous men in blue there opened fire on the man  who was wielding a pen after he demanded a cigarette and a soda.

This guy had one arm and one leg and was mentally ill. Houston cops shot him in the head.

How brave they were. How free we are.

Six Michigan police fired 46 bullets at a mentally ill homeless man in July.

Michigan's finest, well-trained, and noble officers hit the man 11 times with fewer than 25% of their shots. Two of those fine Michigan men have been reprimanded; one has been demoted. Their names were not released.

These are the kind of militarized morons policing our country. Protecting us no more, their job is to instill fear and keep the populace at bay.

But that's how it is, isn't it? A veil of secrecy has been erected between the government (and its enforcers) and the people.

You vote for a candidate who pledges to do X or to repeal Y, and what do you get? Nothing. Their agenda is their own, formulated at the request of the highest bidder, meant only to further entrench their power and line their pockets...

Big Pharma. Big Retail. Big Tobacco. Big Health Care. Big Oil. Big Agriculture. Big Banks. Big Government.