America's Law Enforcement - Out of Control

12/01/2014 08:30

by Allen Williams


Police in America are 'out-of-control' as a Cleveland police officer shoots 1 2-year-old boy carrying BB gunOr how about Police Kill M an buying a .177 caliber pellet gun at Walmart.  Then there's Off Duty Deputy allegedly shoots 20-year  old woman in Head in Road Rage Incident.  Next the equally bizarre incident of an Off-duty Ill. cop accused of firi ng at off-duty officer in DUI stop. The list goes on and on but you never hear the media clamor for controls on police use of firearms.

Officer Darren Wilson's claim of fear for his life in the encounter with Michael  Brown isn't corroborated by the photos reported in the Huffington Post.  Many different things, even a skin rash could have caused the redness on his right cheek and his lip injury could just as well be a healing cold sore. "From its inception, the shooting of Michael Brown was not investigated as a potential criminal homicide, and the inquiry was a n exercise in validating the killer’s story [narrative], rather than testing it against the available evidence. The assumption was that killing was part of his job description – or, as Wilson has subsequently told George Stephanopoulos, "I did what I was paid to do… Interestingly, that examiner never took photos of the deceased, because "My battery in my camera died,"nor did he take any measurements at the crime scene." How convenient.   Is Wilson's comment a subtle admission that killing blacks is part of official police policy in Ferguson, Missouri? Shot down and left to lie in the street like a dog for nearly an hour sends a strong public message, does it not?  Is this one of the reasons why police don't like citizens filming them?

Police departments choose their own service weapons depending on local policy. 40 caliber seems to be the standard these days and some 42 % of all police departments use the Glock. The old police issue .38 is obsolete other than perhaps as a backup. Assuming Wilson carried something comparable, magazine capacity would have been at least 13 rounds (What Wilson carried is unknown but whatever it was likely had more than 6 rounds available.)  However, if his actual service weapon had less than 13 round capacity means that he came closer to emptying his gun into an unarmed victim. The bottom line is that shooting an unarmed person with nearly half of your magazine capacity goes beyond self-defense, It's an act of rage. "Police would not say how many shots were fired. Official and private autopsie s both appeared to show that Brown was shot at least six times during the encounter..".


Police in many instances invite assault because of verbal and other abuses hurled at detainees when questioning suspects due to the stress of the encounter or they just want to show their machismo. This can be particularly frightening when they are offended by your politics as in the case of the beating of Peter D'Attilio (a white man) at the hand s of Franklin, Massachusetts police over his peaceful pro-life demonstration.  As can be seen, D'Attilio's injuries are not easily mistaken for a skin rash and cold sores.


But wait, the police perform many vital functions including protecting society from dangerous criminals, terrorists, etc.  Not so.  The police have no obligation to protect anyone, their only job is to enforce the law. And under Eric Holder, that depends on what laws he thinks should be enforced.  So, how about stolen property, don't the police return property to their owners when they can? "If it weren't  for the insurance side of things, calling the police would be a complete waste of time. (If the thief gets caught (a rare event), it's generally because someone snitched, and was certainly not due to the sort of investigative police work we see in fictional TV shows about police. But even if this happens, you're unlikely to get your property back.)"  You will fight many battles to get guns stolen from your premises back from the local cops.


Police shootings are intended to instill fear in the general population; it's all part of the government's war on freedom through its domestic terror program.  Anything government has the power to take from you will be done and militarizing the police has been the vanguard of that effort since Posse Co mitatus does not prohibit directly militarizing the police for armed occupation.


Federal agencies have bought ammunition and given military style weapons to US police departments because it is Washington's intent to trigger a civil war that will be justification for removing the remaining vestiges of American freedom and place the population under authoritarian rule. You can see the leading edge of this government forming now as laws are selectively enforced with the court system ruling against the public interest, Obama's regal executive orders and numerous references to a 'new world order' by various administration stooges. Freedom and the free flow of information cannot exist in a global government.

St. Louis has been a racial hotbed for many years and police abuse of citizens, white or black and particularly the young was common place. As a young man there, I witnessed a number of abusive incidents. But most importantly, remember never to talk to the cops with a b anana in your hand.

The police close ranks to protect their own in cases like the Michael Brown shooting. They will do or say whatever is necessary to protect their slice of the budget pie. And given the prevalence of police snooping as well as NSA data sharing, this might well include blackmail of political superiors. Considering the level of citizen abuse that occurs, either the cops have blackmail information on political bosses or the politicians are promoting the abuses.

Reform is hindered because police won't report internal corr uption as it may hamper their career and citizens fear reprisal for exposing abuse. Cutting enforcement budgets by the politicians who manage them won't work because they'll cut their response against violent crime.

True reform can never take place as long as the political masters define the 'rules of engagement' and there is no outside civil accountability.
  Simply put, police accountability of any kind is not amenable to totalitarian rule.

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