Arizona Places 2 Year Old Child in Foster Pornographic Pedophile Ring – Foster Mom Burns 80% of Her Body

06/30/2017 11:52

by Brian Shilhavy


This is perhaps one of the most horrific examples of child abuse of a child who was taken into state custody by a “Child Protection” social service agency, and put into the foster care system, that we have ever reported.

That is not to state that these kinds of horrible stories are rare, but rather seldom do we have the legal rights to publish such stories.

This one is the result of a lawsuit in the State of Arizona, and therefore the 1st Amendment gives us, and anyone else in the media, the right to expose this, since charges have been filed against the alleged criminals in the foster care system.

As we have previously reported on our  website, statistics clearly show that children taken away from their families, even “troubled” families where there are problems, do far worse overall in foster care after they are separated from their families, since the incidences of abuse while in foster care are far greater.


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Whistleblowers and other studies also show us that the vast majority of children removed from their families are not for child abuse, but other reasons such as “medical neglect” (which is often simply disagreeing with a doctor and asking for a second opinion). True cases of abuse by parents is actually rare, reported to be anywhere from 5% to only 25% of all children seized by Child Protective Services and put into state foster care.



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As this case in Arizona clearly shows, the problem of child abuse in America today is not primarily about child abuse within family homes. No, the problems with child abuse today are primarily about child abuse within state care, where children are entered into drug trials against their will (see: Medical Kidnapping in the U.S. – Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials), entered into pedophile rings, and bring in huge amounts of federal funds to the state to pay for a billion dollar, legal, child trafficking business which nation-wide employs hundreds of thousands of government workers.