AT&T pushes Boy Scouts to end Gay Ban

06/03/2013 08:00

AT&T is one of the major sponsors of the Boy Scouts of America and a member of the Corporate Porn Ring.  AT&T Chairman Randall Stephenson and others have been vocal supporters of ending the scout's homosexual ban.  

AT&T influence on the BSA board of Directors, performs a useful service in promoting disintegration of the family as it has existed for well over five millennia. Concerned Women for America (CWFA) reports "Profiting from porn-peddling is a dirty ring around the white collars at AT&T, MCI, Time-Warner, Comcast, Echo Star Communications, GM's DirecTV, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Radisson, VISA, MasterCard and American Express..." Now your own little scout can learn far more than just 'Debby Does Dallas'.

Getting executives from companies that subscribe to the new age mantra of pushing porn and other social filth can be an immense aid in opening up a 'choice' youth organization. The CWFA report continues: "..AT&T is offering hard-core porn over the Hot Network cable channel.. Maybe AT&T stands for 'Adult Trash & Titillation.' AT&T is supposedly selling off the porn business to Comcast but AT&T's name will still be connected. "AT&T's proposed merger with Comcast Cable will reach 22 million subscribers in the United States, making the merged company the largest distributor of pornography in the country." According to a writer for The New York Times, AT&T and MCI Worldcom have led the 1-900 phone-sex market, which generates almost $1 billion per year."

In the interests of social equality, you can expect to be exposed to 'gay' porn as well.  There is no room for alternate beliefs in the coming new world order, only those officially sanctioned by the state.

The anti-value league GLAAD continues its push towards no restrictions on human behavior whatsoever. "..GLAAD, the nation's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy and anti-defamation organization, today responded to the Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) decision to delay a vote on whether or not to end the organization's ban on gay scouts and leaders. We're living in a culture where hurting young gay people because of who they are is unpopular and discriminatory. They had the chance to end the pain this ban has caused to young people and parents, they chose to extend the pain.".

Sheer Nonsense. Normal people discriminate every day in what they read, see, hear and which schools they allow their children to attend. They discriminate as to whom they will associate with and in what things they buy and wear.  

Apparently its O.K. to act out gay fantasies of lust, hurting and even killing innocent young boys, like Jesse Dirkhising: "A 13-year-old boy was sedated, restrained and gagged with his own underwear and duct tape, then raped repeatedly before he suffocated.." How many similar incidents will occur that the media will just ignore? Here's additional perspective you won't get from journalism about the gay lifestyle, as Michelle Malkin writes:"..The [Dirkhising] trial raises grave questions about society's increasing tolerance of gay pedophilia. Public leaders are so worried about not offending gay political interest groups that they remain silent about the mainstreaming of homosexual predation. But in New York and Los Angeles, the national press hounds were more interested in covering the trial of rap star Sean "Puffy" Combs than in reporting on the tragic death of Jesse Dirkhising."

What gives the AT&T chairman and his company the right to demand acceptance of sodomy?

If being homosexual is such a viable life-style, why do debilitating diseases like gay bowel syndrome, giardiasis and anal cancer plague its practice? How about ending the pain of anal cancer?

Violating natural law is NOT a civil right.  It's not a 'civil right' to spread disease and illness nor is it 'discrimination' to ban such harmful activities.

Why not form a separate gay youth organization? Why do the Boy Scouts have to change their 100-year-old beliefs to satisfy a small miscreant group?

The answer is that the Boy Scouts are the largest 'candy store' in America, and their vote now guarantees that sexual predators will quickly have access. How so? Father-son campouts and other family events will place practicing homosexuals within easy reach of young underage children. And once inside the BSA organization, the 'ban' on gay leaders will last about as long as a snowball in a well-known place.

It's important to the dissolution of America to eliminate all forms of morality so the people retain nothing worth defending in the new world order.

Perhaps, 'character' development isn't all that the Boy Scouts have claimed it was over the years, after all, giving a directorship to such a sleazy organization as AT&T, what rational then exists to exclude gays? Now the scouts can offer a new merit badge in 'sadomasochism' celebrated in homosexual literature and art.  

It's time for those who believe in the moral principles expounded in the U.S. Constitution that founded this country to remove their children from the Boy Scouts. 'Non-Discrimination' is the common thread that justifies immoral behavior trumping reason and nearly 6000 years of recorded human experience.