Breaking: Democrats Hit With Massive Special Counsel Bad News

08/17/2017 09:01



Democrats were by and large thrilled at the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate alleged Russian interference and collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 election, and thoroughly enjoy the constant pressure and threat of legal action he wields against President Donald Trump and his associates.

However, a handful of Republicans have reached the conclusion that two can play that game and a special counsel can cut both ways, and are now demanding the appointment of a second independent investigator to look into a few issues that Democrats would likely prefer be forever ignored.


According to The Hill, the House Judiciary Committee led by chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia sent a letter on Thursday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein requesting the appointment of a second special counsel.  The letter from the committee noted several items of particular interest regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey and former AG Loretta Lynch, and also expressed concern that Mueller’s investigation was unlikely to delve into those topics sufficiently, if at all.

The letter further posed some 14 different questions that the committee has asked at various points in the past but to this point remain unanswered, and requested that a new special counsel be tasked with finding the answers to those queries.

According to BizPac Review‘s report on the letter, some of those unanswered questions included Lynch’s directive to Comey to mislead the public regarding the “matter” that was the Clinton “investigation,” why no grand jury was ever empaneled in that investigation, why immunity deals were handed out to so many in Clinton’s orbit, and the entire mishandling of classified information investigation in general.  They also sought a deeper understanding of the State Department’s process in deciding which Clinton emails could be released publicly, the Clinton Foundation and campaign’s connections to other countries and international entities, including the Uranium One deal.  Further, they wanted to know more about the unauthorized release of Democrat National Committee documents to the public and the alleged collusion with the Clinton campaign to deny the nomination to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democrat primary season.

They also sought more information regarding the allegations that the Trump campaign had been surveilled by the Obama administration, the “unmasking” of Trump campaign members and leaks of classified information to the media in their regard, as well as Comey’s “admitted leaks” to the media through a friend of his memos about Trump and the FBI’s purported reliance on the dubious “dossier” smearing Trump as a basis for further investigation.


It will be interesting to see if Sessions or Rosenstein comply with the request in this letter and appoint a second special counsel to look into other pressing matters that Mueller’s team is most likely deliberately ignoring and uninterested in pursuing.

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