Breaking News: The Welcomed Delay on Drones

02/15/2013 10:20

 by  Greg Kadajski


Following the release of controversial leaked documents detailing the president's drone policy potentially targeting U.S. citizens, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee has asked for more time to review documents about the White House's drone policy.

As our Bill Bonner, our Reckoner in Chief, told his Diary of a Rouge Economist readers earlier today:

Politically, we've got the Obama administration openly "legalizing" the right to kill Americans without first charging them with a crime. It used to be called "murder." Now, according to administration lawyers, it's completely legal!

Asked whether this gave the agency the authority to kill an American citizen on American soil without any due process of law, the CIA's new director wouldn't say. He mumbled.

As you may know, the Senate Intelligence Committee was supposed to vote on Brennan's confirmation today. But now it has been rescheduled for a future date. And since Congress is in recess all of next week, we don't expect there will be a vote on his confirmation until the end of the month.

That means we have time to 'do something' about the White House's drone policies. We can tell Obama, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Senate Intelligence Committee exactly what we think of Brennan's appointment and of their drone policy here in the U.S.

If like us, you're concerned about your privacy. If you don't want the government snooping on your every move. If you're fed up with rights being stolen from you: Then sign the petition from our friends at the Laissez Faire Club.

Your signature, with those of countless other like-minded people who worry about their personal privacy, will show those in power that we won't just stand idly by and let our freedoms slip away in the name of "security."

Like all petitions, it's completely free to sign. Once you sign, there's no obligation to do anything.

You're simply telling the government to stay out of your backyard.

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