Bt Toxin DOES Harm Human Cells - Study

02/02/2016 11:00

by Jeffrey Smith


This story is important. The FDA claims that the pesticide Bt-toxin, inserted into corn and cotton plants in order to kill insects, is harmless to humans and animals. They have ignored peer reviewed studies in the past, showing that the natural soil-born toxin does lead to allergic and flu-like symptoms in exposed humans, and intestinal tissue damage and immune responses in mice fed the toxin.


We also know that mice fed Monsanto’s Bt corn showed massive immune system responses. Farm workers in India are getting allergic and flu-like symptoms form touching Bt cotton. And numerous US physicians believe that ingestion of Bt corn may be causing disruption of the digestive system. After all, the toxin is designed to break open the stomach of insects to kill them.


The FDA also claimed that Bt toxin is destroyed in the digestion process of humans and mammals, but that was shown false last year, when 93% of pregnant women in Canada had the toxin in their blood. Tragically, so too did 80% of their unborn fetuses.


This study verifies that the FDA’s assumptions about the supposedly benign nature of Bt-toxin are false. But since the government’s long standing response has been to ignore any research showing adverse findings to their beloved Frankenfoods, I suggest consumers protect themselves and take the advice of thousands of informed doctors and nutritionists: AVOID GMOs.


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