Clear no vote on 3 federal ballot items

04/28/2015 10:12

by Ellen Wallace


BERN, SWITZERLAND  The Swiss resoundingly said no to the population and immigration control popular initiative: more than 74 percent, with Ticino, the one canton where it appeared to have a good chance, rejecting it by 63 percent.

The popular initiative to force the central bank to increase its gold holdings and keep them in Switzerland was also strongly rejected, by more than 77 percent, with every canton voting against it, and only Ticino dipping below the 70 percent rejection mark. The Swiss National Bank issued a statement Sunday evening, noting that it is charged with ensuring price stability while taking due account of the development of the economy. An acceptance of the initiative would have severely constrained the SNB in fulfilling this mandate ¦ the minimum exchange rate against the euro remains the key instrument to maintain price stability.


Wealthy foreigners can continue to pay lump sum taxes, with nearly 60 percent of voters saying no to ending the special taxation system. Mountain regions voted very strongly against it; wealthy second home residents are an important source of income and the more so since a vote a year ago to restrict the number of second homes a community can have. Western Switzerland, where lump sum taxation is most common, also rejected the initiative strongly. By 17:45 only one canton had voted for the measure, Schaffhausen, and by a very thin majority.


Detailed voting results, CH.CH


[Note:  'EcoPop' is funded by mostly unknown sources outside of Switzerland, and supported by various United Nations/WHO population control organizations.  Of course, they define 'family planning' and 'birth control'  as inclusive of abortion, the use of toxic so-called 'contraceptives' that cause breast and other forms of cancer, infertility, sterilization, etc.  EcoPop was trying to take advantage of the immigration problem in Switzerland -- the highest in the world.  (Switzerland is not a full party to the EU, but does have various treatises with it.)  Fortunately the Swiss people caught on to this fraud immediately and overwhelmingly voted it down.  At least the Swiss were able to openly and publicly debate the facts and then vote, unlike here where another avenue of pop control -- 'sex ed' classes -- goes undetected even for most parents for over 20 years: 'Does sex ed conference for students go too far?', at:

For just a few recent examples of the UN/WHO's push for so-called 'family planning', see:


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