Conversation with a Global Warming Anarchist

07/12/2017 11:18

by P. Wells


Recently, I had an email exchange with a global warming alarmist whom I will call Cecile.from New Jersey. She was apparently carrying the global warming torch for a Dr. 'S' she met at a climate seminar.. The Dr. 'S' mentioned in this exchange is, as near as I can figure nothing more than a lobbyist for the cap and trade industry.  He appears to be some stuffed shirt from the ‘Royal Academy of Science’, a bought and paid for mouth piece that tours the U.S. giving speeches to the useful idiots for support of Cap and Trade. 


I am not going to go into to some long drawn out debate about this Cecile, it seems you have found a  hero, I am sure this Dr. 'S' that you wish to appoint savior of the world will serve that purpose well, some people need heroes, I don’t.  Especially ones that are either too stupid to see the world in broad daylight or work as a lobbyist for the establishment. I live in a world of reality so I will lay it out in short hand and then I am done with this idiotic argument.

Declare, if you wish, a victory then appoint Clinton to the white house, give Al Gore the keys to the city, And let Goldman Sachs handle the finance,  but remember this, if the climate change legislation (cap & trade) is approved as you wish then expect the only real accomplishment to be a  multi-million dollar lump sum held in escrow by George Soros’ Joyce Foundation for Obama in payment for pushing it through to be delivered upon his exit from the white house, Gore is up, last count, for a twelve point five billion dollar profit and Goldman Sacs, last time I checked which has been some time ago, was due to make 32 billion dollars for their part in handling the Carbon trade business. Cap and Trade is big money and has nothing to do with saving the world..period.


Everything to do with Global Warming, Climate Change, or what ever Buzz word they/you care to assign to it is based on (buzz word again) the Carbon footprint.  So what is this carbon foot print that Chicken Little is so worked up about? Carbon Dioxide, CO2, and what is CO2? A natural occurring gas that has been in the environment since creation. Global warming, what exactly is that? It means the planet is warming up. Global cooling, what exactly is the meaning of that?  It means the planet is cooling off. There is no time in history in the last two billion years that the planet wasn’t doing one or the other, there is no crisis, it’s just business as usual, deal with it.

You state ( If you cannot believe the evidence of your own senses, I am at a loss as to how to have a conversation with you ), well I’ll make it easy for you, after this conversation you need not worry about how to have a conversation with me over this scam because there won’t be one.  I have little patience for self-perpetuated ignorance. The global warming debate was declared over by the left several years ago, the subject is closed, you and your idiot friends declared a victory and closed the door. Facts are never checked, the money trail is ignored, the whole scam is as phony as the O-zone scare form years back. As soon as DuPont renewed their patents and regained control of the Freon market the O-zone hole magically closed ‘over night’ and the world was saved, the crisis was never heard from again. As soon as the Climate change fools manage to hand over our countries Sovereign power to the EPA and the United Nations with this phony Cap & Trade scam you will never here another buzz phrase uttered about it either. The world will be saved and Chicken Little will be retired until the next Scam (oops, I mean crisis) pops up.


Here is a news flash for you, the present carbon content in the atmosphere is, according to the same ‘experts’ (NOAA) that you have now appointed the task of saving the world to, amounts to 400 ppm, that is four hundred parts per million. 400 / 1,000,000 =  .0004%, let me expand on that for you, exactly 4 - ten thousandths of the atmosphere is comprised of CO2. Do the math. (  or ) That is up from 280 ppm (.00028% / 2.8 ten thousandths) before the industrial revolution.  [It should be noted that water (H2O) is a far more virulent green house gas than CO2 but alarmists wouldn't dare use it because it would negate all anthropological arguments for climate change. - ED]

Subtract .280 ppm from 400 ppm and you get an increase of .120 PPM. Divide 120 by 1,000,000 and you will be confronted with an absolutely terrifying increase of .00012 in CO2 over the last 225 years, from about 1760 AD, the beginning of the industrial revolution. Gosh, I have to wonder how all the highly educated idiots failed math.

Now if you wish to look at it from your beloved snake oil salesman, Dr. 'S'’s point of view, (280 PPM divided by 400 PPM = .7  that is a 70% increase in CO2. A 70% increase in nothing amounts to approximately nothing.  OH MY.. SAVE US FROM DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, an increase of a grand total of .00012 (12 hundred thousandths ) of the atmosphere over a period of how many years? Was that 225? Any one actually stupid enough to believe that they even have the ability to accurately measure anything in such a minute quantity much less believe a .00012% increase in CO2 is going to kill all life on earth, boil the oceans and make what little part of earth that is left above sea level a barren wasteland deserves to live in a world where the government and big banks dictate their thinking for them, they are obviously too stupid to dress or feed themselves much less make decisions based on fact or logic.


Now I could throw your own words in your face , ( If you cannot believe the evidence of your own senses, I am at a loss as to how to have a conversation with you ) but I suspect it would be in vain, in reality this little lesson will bounce right off of you like it does with all liberals, no place for reality in this world. Since I don’t have some fancy title in front of my name you will have to resort to your esteemed new friend DR. what’s his name. I wish you the best in your quest to fight evil and save the world, have a nice life. The left is correct, this debate is indeed over, some people are just too dumb to figure things out for themselves and forgive me if I don’t attempt to fix stupid.