Democrats are Determined to Annihilate Donald Trump

12/02/2016 10:36

by Wayne Flaherty


Yes, the Democrats are determined to annihilate Donald Trump. This morning on FOX NEWS, Chris Wallace interviewed Claire McCaskill. Her answer to every question he asked, and I do mean every question, was responded to with an attack on Trump.

When Hillary was Secretary of State, she appointed Businessman Rajiv K. Fernando to the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB). This board provides the State Department with “independent insight and advice on all aspects of arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation, international security, and related aspects of public diplomacy.”

Fernando’s position on the board came with top secret security clearance. It also gave him access to highly sensitive U.S. government information. He had absolutely no prior knowledge or experience that would qualify him to serve on the ISAB. When the story of his appointment broke and his total lack of qualifications were revealed, he resigned immediately.


That this was an early form of 'pay to play' is evident by the Fernando/Clinton relationship. He is currently a superdelegate pledged to Clinton.  He is listed on the Clinton Foundation website as having given between $1 million and $5 million. He was an early supporter of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 bid for president. He gave large contributions to her campaign. He was also a fundraiser for Clinton, gathering more than $100,000 from others for her White House bid. Prior to his State Department appointment, Fernando gave huge sums to the William J. Clinton Foundation. He also gave generously to Women Count, a group that helped Hillary Clinton retire her 2008 campaign debts.


Wallace asked McCaskill about the Fernando appointment. She immediately launched a tirade against Donald Trump. Her response demonstrates once again that every Democrat has been instructed to destroy Trump at any cost. It is not enough to defeat him, they must completely annihilate him. The message has been heard and understood by Hillary's millions of followers, her inner circle of surrogates, and her media networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN. It is amazing that Donald Trump is still standing.


I doubt seriously that the world has ever seen such a force marshaled for the sole purpose of annihilating a single human being. The world attacked Adolph Hitler with guns, tanks, planes and every form of weapons possible. But he never experienced personal attacks anything like those Donald Trump now faces daily. When God allowed Moses' enemies to send him into the desert for forty days and nights, Moses emerged with a strength and determination to do God's bidding. I only hope that Donald Trump also stands his test and emerges determined to do God's bidding. Whether he knows it or not, he is America's last, best, and only hope, in its battle against the forces of evil.