Hillary's America

08/04/2016 10:19

by Wayne Flaherty


I have just left the Cine Mark theater after watching the documentary movie, Hillary's America.

I thought I knew something about the history of our country - but I knew nothing. I sat dumbfounded as Dinesh D'Sousa laid out the history of the Democrat Party. The movie explains the connection between the Democrat Party and different criminal elements in America. It puts in context the tactics we see in the modern day party and the tactics used by criminals as they learned how to steal.


It takes the viewer back to the time when the Ku Klux Klan was the military arm of the Democrat party. It details how the Democrats in government fought to keep the blacks down by attempting to defeat any and all legislation that provided assistance of any kind. It details how they designed legislation to grudgingly give blacks a little help, but not enough to provide them any real power. You can watch as a black woman talks about how she saw the light and finally realized that the Democrat Party was not working for the black people but was just using them to get their votes.


You will see the ascendancy of Barack Obama's mentor, Saul Alinski as he goes from petty theft to massive robbery by teaching his disciples to rip off a restaurant chain by eating big meals and substituting a five cent check for the larger meal check. You will see the Democrat Party adopt the strong arm tactics of the Chicago mob as they welcome immigrants into the USA, put them into ghettos, and extract money from them in the form of insurance. Hillary's link to Saul Alinski is examined in detail.


All this will fade into chicken feed theft when interviews with book authors discuss their findings after much detailed research. The Clinton Foundation is exposed as a giant slush fund from which less than 15 % of the millions collected from foreign nations goes for charity and the rest goes into the pockets of Bill and Hillary Clinton. They detail the Clinton's plan to gain control of various government agencies and departments for their personal profit. In particular, they explain how Hillary engineered a convoluted deal that resulted in allowing Russia to gain control over vast US uranium deposits - a control they currently exercise since they now own the Uranium company.


Every thinking American should see this movie for themselves. It will shake you to your core and make you afraid, very afraid, of what will happen if Hillary Clinton ever becomes president. I consider it no exaggeration to say that a Hillary presidency will be the end of America. The greatest experiment in human freedom to ever exist on this planet will be snuffed out, possibly until Armageddon signals the final end. If she is not stopped, there will be no place to hide.

There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but will be for naught. Donald Trump may have hit on something when he said Bernie Sanders made a deal with the devil when he endorsed Hillary Clinton. Only Satan himself could have sent Hillary Clinton to gain power over us. If she is not the devil, she sits at his right hand and does his bidding. If ever there was a time to combat evil, now is that time.


Hillary Clinton must be stopped and you must do it - or God help us all.