Donald Trump and the Republicans

06/10/2016 10:40

by Wayne Flaherty


Donald Trump is the greatest thing to happen to the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan. The old time Republicans thought they would be rid of him after a few state campaigns. No matter how they tried they couldn't shake this interloper. He just kept winning. What the Republicans should have learned by now is that he has tapped into the concerns of the electorate as no other presidential candidate has done in recent history. Barack Obama didn't do it. He merely tapped into the vast Democrat reservoir of freeloaders - the welfare crowd, the food stamp crowd, and the army of those who tap into the federal government mountain of giveaways.


What Donald Trump has done is exposed the soft underbelly of the Democrat Party, the disenchanted middle class that are tired of paying the bills. Had the Republicans managed to rid themselves of Donald Trump, they wouldn't have had a snowball's chance in hell of defeating Hillary Clinton in a presidential race. For eight years the Republicans have sat by and watched Barack Obama subvert the constitution with his executive orders. The American people have seized on an alternative to the Republican do-nothing attitude as they sat by and watched Obama do anything he pleased. For eight years the taxpaying public has waited and watched for a Donald Trump.  I'm sure many of them feel as I do. I don't care if he is Jack the Ripper or Beelzebub,  he isn't one of the Washington insiders.


For the Republican Party, it essentially breathes new life into what was, only recently, a political corpse about to be lowered into the ground. Face it my friends. If the Democrats win the presidency in 2016 their first act will be to forgive the millions of illegal immigrants that are here. They will allow them to become citizens. Then they will be able to vote - Democrat, of course. If that ever happens you can kiss the Republican Party goodbye. The combination of welfare recipients and illegal aliens will guarantee the Democrats control of the federal government for as far into the future as you care to look.


What the Republicans should do is support Trump's effort to find a running mate that can help him win the presidency. After Trump has served his eight years and set America once again on the path to prosperity the Republican Vice President should have no trouble getting elected by running on a platform of continuing Trump's policies. My choice is John Kasich since he has served in congress and has gone head to head with house Democrats. As governor of Ohio, he can most likely deliver Ohio to the Republicans. He is also young enough that he can wait for eight years to become president.


If they are not too myopic to see it, Donald Trump has saved the Republican Party. Without him America would remain in the hands of the ultra liberal Democrats. We would be buried in an avalanche of Mexicans and Muslims who neither know nor care about the traditions or the principles that made this country great.


Donald Trump has a monumental task facing him as he works to save our country. First, we have to elect him president.