Evil Personified: Planned Parenthood's Propaganda Campaign

08/17/2015 11:51

by Judie Brown


Last week when the Center for Medical Progress released its fifth video, Planned Parenthood published a statement saying, “Extremists who oppose Planned Parenthood’s mission and services are making outrageous and completely false claims. They are engaged in a fraud, and other claims they’ve made have been discredited and disproven.”

This is called propaganda.

Propaganda is comprised of language used to disguise facts by pointing fingers at those who expose the truth. What Planned Parenthood has been doing, not only in response to these videos, but for years, is akin to the work done in Nazi Germany by Hitler’s minister of public enlightenment and propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.

Goebbels, the spinmaster of his day, made many statements sure to disturb the average person, but one of the most quoted was recently part of a University of Michigan exhibit entitled “Deadly Medicine: Creating a Master Race.” He said, “Our starting point is not the individual, and we do not subscribe to the view that one should feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, or clothe the naked. . . . Our objectives are entirely different: We must have a healthy people in order to prevail in the world.” In other words, only those people deemed fit enough to survive would be accepted as healthy enough to press on.

Then, as now, the masses were fed deception as a daily information diet so that they could choose to ignore what they suspected to be true—even though many knew differently—in deference to what made them feel better about the actions of the nation’s leaders. How does this compare with Planned Parenthood’s creation of a public persona that is, according to mainstream media, pristine?

The fifth CMP video, about which Planned Parenthood is commenting, involves visual images of tweezers picking through dismembered baby body parts to display tiny arms and legs. Barbaric is too kind of a word for what one sees here. Yet Planned Parenthood states that this video, and others, are “completely false,” that the images are fraudulent, and that these real video shots of actual laboratory “specimens”—baby body parts—are not what they appear to be.

That is propaganda at its best; it is a false sense of reality, and it represents the sham organization known as Planned Parenthood. While those who cannot admit that they are wrong defend Planned Parenthood’s despicable practices, the truth does not change. Furthermore, when confronted with CMP’s documented evidence of this callous disregard for human dignity, the propaganda intensifies.  Interestingly enough, we find that mainstream media is in cahoots with Planned Parenthood in propagandizing while ignoring the facts

At the end of July, Planned Parenthood’s new public relations firm SKDKnickerbocker circulated a memo to select media groups asking them not to cover the videos. The liberal public relations firm argued that the undercover journalism was obtained under privacy violations to patients and through “fraud,” according to a statement heavily recycled by the White House press corps.

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, noted in a statement last week, “When a lion’s death receives more than four times the coverage in one week than five shocking Planned Parenthood videos showing potentially criminal acts do over three weeks, the media’s moral compass isn’t just broken, it’s dead and soulless.”

Bozell went so far as to say the media “are just as guilty of perpetrating this horror as are the butchers masquerading as healthcare workers at Planned Parenthood.”

And there you have it! Goebbels had an objective that he drove home with complicity from those who knew better, but were afraid to speak out and shed light on the atrocities of his day. Today, because of a powerful propaganda machine, we see the same thing happening.

Planned Parenthood’s propaganda campaign is real!

But as we know from Ephesians 6:12: “It is not against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the sovereignties and the powers who originate the darkness in this world, the spiritual army of evil.

The bottom line is this: Killing innocent human beings while denying that they are human is an obvious illustration of atrocities perpetrated against the family of man. Whether they occurred in the past or occur now, they are the epitome of evil.

Our task is to confront it with honesty and courage.



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