FCC Putting Your Privacy at Risk

08/19/2016 10:33

by Team Freedom


Unless you've lived under a rock for the last several weeks, you've probably run across (or into) someone glued to a smartphone living in the augmented reality world of the app craze Pokémon Go. The game has been downloaded 100 million times.

But reports are raising alarms over extensive data collection of Pokémon Go players, including children. Gamers wandering parks, malls and neighborhoods are having their profile information and exact locations identified, tracked and traded -- and more alarming? Despite the FCC’s so-called “privacy” plan to protect consumers from being spied on by big business, the makers of Pokemon Go and Silicon Valley monopolies get a free pass from the FCC.

According to BuzzFeed, "Pokémon Go's incredibly granular, block-by-block map data, combined with its surging popularity, may soon make it one of, if not the most, detailed location-based social graphs ever compiled."

Regardless of these concerns, the Federal Communications Commission, the agency that's positioned itself as the nation's top internet regulator, has been completely silent about the app's voracious appetite to suck up your personal data. While it is crafting new rules that would apply strict privacy regulations to only a slice of the online ecosystem -- your internet service provider, Silicon Valley companies who have been this Administration’s biggest political supporters get a free pass.

 Although the FCC promises that its new rules will "empower consumers to ensure they have control over how their information is used," they completely ignore the web's largest data collector. In other words, the FCC’s toothless rules have absolutely no impact on how apps like Pokémon Go gather and sell YOUR personal data.

Don't worry though - the FCC's brazenness hasn't gone unnoticed. More than a quarter-million Americas have spoken out against the baldly transparent privacy proposal by filing serious concerns with the scheme. In fact, over 95 percent of the total comments filed on the FCC's proceeding oppose its privacy farce. But the FCC is STILL pushing forward.

We've been telling you for months that the FCC's privacy plan is a farce.

It's a crony plan that benefits friends of the Obama administration and punishes everyone else. And time and time again, reports are proving it. Just this week an article revealed that over 75% of the most popular websites are tracking YOU. And despite the claims that the FCC privacy plan will protect consumers from being spied on, it will do nothing to prevent this kind of data collection.

We knew this would happen all along... that's why over 250,000 consumer comments were sent to the FCC.  But they must be too busy attacking ISPs to take the time to read them.

We keep speaking out, but the FCC is STILL pushing forward. We need to spread the word on the FCC’s privacy farce, now more than ever.


We need to spread the word on the FCC’s privacy farce, now more than ever.