First ever baby is born after a transplant cures mother's infertility and procedure could replace surrogacy

07/09/2015 10:45

by Fiona Macrae, Science Correspondent for the Daily Mail and Jennifer Smith for MailOnline

  • World's first successful womb transplant was completed in Sweden 
  • Baby boy born to 36-year-old women in Gothenberg after transplant 
  • Another six women have fallen pregnant after receiving donor wombs  
  • Breakthrough could reduce demand for surrogacy in the UK, experts say
  • First British transplant may be carried out as soon as next summer  
  • Will allow infertile women option to carry their own babies unlike surrogacy

The birth of a baby boy from a womb transplant could bring an end to the woes of women unable to have children naturally, doctors have said. The world's first successful womb transplant saw the birth of the child in Gothenberg, Sweden, in Spt 2014 after years of tireless research.

His birth was only revealed by doctors yesterday as both he and his 36-year-old mother are in good health.  And with British experts planning to carry out the procedure as early as next summer, a leading gynecologist has said the revolutionary surgery could become as popular as surrogacy among infertile women.

The mother and the baby boy pictured just after his birth. He was born weighing 4lbs after his mother received a womb transplant

Mr Richard Smith MD FRCOG of the UK Womb Transplantation Team celebrated the birth of a little boy in Gothenberg last night, congratulating the doctors who performed the pioneering operation nine months ago.  Read the rest of the article.



[Note: Welcome to the Wild Wild West of Posthumanism. Harvest the wombs from women whose hearts are still beating but declared 'brain dead!' Guess the baby involved doesn't matter in terms of 'informed consent' or in terms of the use of human subjects in both experimental and therapeutic research (but then, in vitro fertilization and other ARTs were never required to follow US or international research ethics guidelines) ... The bioethics 'ethical' principle of 'autonomy' (aka, 'choice') now reigns supreme -- just as transhumanists want it. Only the imagination limits what they could grow in those artificial wombs. But, well, it might reduce the market for 'surrogacy' by a percentage. Also at:; also, Hope womb transplant baby could bring end to women being unable to give birth naturally by -- DNI]