Five Lies Of The Rubio Amnesty Bill

06/26/2013 10:35

by Steve Elliot


In 2007, Grassfire helped spearhead the effort to expose the so-called "comprehensive" immigration reform bill for what it truly was -- a massive amnesty plan designed to restructure the very fabric of our nation.

Skip ahead to 2013.

Another so-called "comprehensive" immigration bill is moving rapidly through Congress. But this bill is far worse.

Here are five of the top lies of the Rubio Amnesty Bill.

1. Border Security First Lie. This bill is LEGALIZATION FIRST. Illegals get legal status, then the bogus security provisions are put in place. Even Rubio admitted this when he said, "First comes the legalization."

2. The 90% Border Security Lie. As National Review points out, the provision that allegedly requires the border to be "90 percent" secure is actually discretionary and left up to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to decide whether it met the goal: "In the unlikely event that DHS does not give itself a passing score, the only result under the law would be the creation of a commission to study the problem." The fox is watching the hen house.

3. The "Fines Imposed" Lie. Again, the fines allegedly imposed by the Rubio Amnesty bill are left to the discretion of DHS.

4. The "Keep The Criminals Out" Lie. The bill lets illegals with, for example, up to two drunk-driving convictions still get legal status. And National Review points out that, once again, DHS can waive this as well.

5. The "Won't Hurt The Economy" Lie. All the data shows that new waves of illegal and low-skilled workers greatly damages the earning power of current U.S. citizens fighting for those same jobs. In a recession, the impact will be even worse.

So at the end of the day, this is AMNESTY FIRST and then we'll let Obama decide if there is any border security. This is a massive double-down on the 2007 amnesty bill that is actually far worse.

+ + Their Only Argument Is Racism

Our sources tell us Senate amnesty leaders are growing nervous as public opinion mounts against their amnesty bill.  Harry Reid is now rushing the bill for a vote before the end of next week.

The amnesty pushers cannot argue with us on the facts of this atrocious 1,000-page bill. It is amnesty first.  It has no real border security. It greatly expands the inflow of low-skilled workers. It does nothing to stop a new wave of illegal immigration. This bill simply is not in the best interest of the citizens of the United States.

That's why their entire argument is to personally attack anyone who opposes this bill as racist or xenophobic.

+ + Action Item -- Let Your Voice Be Heard

Harry Reid and others are hoping you will remain silent. They're using raw, ethnic warfare to silence critics of the Rubio Amnesty Bill. 

Grassfire will be delivering "No Amnesty" petitions on behalf of our team members early next week in advance of the key votes.

Our sources indicate the amnesty vote will take place next week. Grassfire will be hand-delivering petitions prior to key votes.  If you want your voice included in this delivery, go here now:

Thanks, in advance, for the stand you're taking!

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