Globalists Want More

03/15/2017 10:43

by Wayne Flaherty


Yes, it's true - Globalists Clinton, Soros, Gates and their media facilitators want more - but more of what?

 Globalists want more taxes - $1.3 trillion to be precise. Despite this massive tax hike, Hillary's plan fell $2.2 trillion short. If you earn over $200,000 your taxes would be (33% + 7% for state and local taxes) about 40% of your total income.

Globalists want more death taxes - 45% to be precise. This is up from the current 40% rate. The death tax, or more precisely, the inheritance tax, is a tax that punishes farmers and small business owners who have already paid taxes as they built up their estates. By taking another 45% of their estate, this tax spells the end of many family farms and family businesses. A 45% tax means most of these businesses cannot be passed on because the 45% tax leaves the new owners with such a financial burden that the business (or farm) is no longer able to turn a profit. Their profit margins are usually just a few percentage points. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and the largest provider of jobs in America.  

Globalists want a more complex tax code - a code that is already 70,000 pages long.  Americans spend well over a billion dollars per year complying with the nightmare of rules and regulations imbedded in that 70,000 pages.

Globalists want more people on Food Stamps - in September 2014, 46.5 million people were on food stamps. That number is 45% higher than before President Obama was first sworn in. This falls in line with the Democrat objective of keeping the underclass down on the plantation and wholly dependent on the government for their existence.  

Globalists want more unemployment - higher unemployment leads to greater dependency on government and more votes to keep the subsidies coming. There are nearly 2.8 million people suffering from long-term unemployment (out of work for 27 weeks or more). That is 86,000 higher than it was when Obama entered office.

Globalists want more Obamacare - with costs going through the roof, Hillary wanted to expand Obamacare. She wanted to penalize you for failing to have health insurance. The minimum tax penalty, for those with very low income, has more than tripled. It went from $95 per adult for being uninsured in 2014 to $325 for 2015. The higher rates went into effect Jan. 1, 2016. Health insurers are proposing to raise Obamacare rates more than in the past. If you like your Obamacare health insurance, just pay 88% more to keep it.

 Globalists want more federal debt - every plan Democrats proposed in 2016 will increase the federal debt. The federal debt has already grown more during Obama's first six years than under all previous U.S. presidents combined. The debt owed to the public stands at about $13 trillion, an increase of 106% since Obama first took office. Globalism has no plans to lower that debt.

Globalists want more unvetted refugees - a 550% increase over Obama's numbers. This massive increase brings with it job loss at the lowest level, over taxed schools, hospitals, and local police forces. Crime rates among refugees has skyrocketed. Sanctuary cities provide legals and illegals alike a safe haven where they can avoid prosecution for their crimes.

Globalists want more votes - the Democrat plan to gain votes by keeping the underclass totally dependent on the government for their very existence has worked for many years so why change? Just keep them dependent and they will stay on the plantation when all they have to do is vote once every couple of years.{dead or alive - ED}

Globalists want to keep your children in public schools - While local alternative schools have proven to provide children with a better education, one worlders like George Soros advocate for the substandard education provided by a teachers union beholden to them.

Globalists want to appoint socialist judges to the Supreme Court - how else can they perpetuate the socialist agenda to destroy the US Constitution that stands in the way of the all powerful federal government that is the ultimate goal..

If you like higher taxes, less safety, poor education, less energy, more federal debt, skyrocketing health care premiums, and a growing 70,000 page tax ode, NWO candidates are your choice. If elected, they will bring you all that and more - many more years of the failed Obama administration. A wise man once said that every people gets exactly the government they deserve.


What do you deserve?