Government Plan for Adult Vaccination Compliance Likely to be back

08/26/2015 10:03

by Sally Fallon Morell


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a “Draft Plan” called: Pathway to Leadership for Adult Immunization Plan. To view the Feb. 6, 2015 Draft plan plan, go to:

What’s in this plan?

1. Our government wants a new and fully implementable Vaccine Schedule for Adults.
2. HHS believes not enough adults comply with current schedules.
3. They want to “implement” methods to obtain adult compliance.
4. This could become mandatory if allowed to remain unchecked.
5. Vaccine exemptions are under attack.


TALKING POINTS (for future appearance of this plan)

  • You oppose ANY implementation of vaccine policy on any adults;
  • Vaccine exemptions MUST stay intact;
  • Vaccinations should never be a condition of employment, even for medical professionals, higher education for adult students, or for obtaining medical/dental insurance coverage;
  • Courts in other countries have tied vaccines to autism and childhood damage (Italy recently ruled vaccines cause autism); there are 99 published studies that link vaccinations with autism. Use this link for English translation  of Italian Court documents:
  • US Vaccine Court is filled with lawsuits about children who have had serious injury, damage and death shortly after vaccination; This court has paid out almost three billion dollars for vaccine injuries;
  • The vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to make vaccinations safe;
  • Your 4th Amendment Constitutional right to be "secure in your person" is under attack along with your basic liberties to refuse any and all medical treatment;
  • If vaccine conferred full immunity or worked as marketed we would not be having this discussion about adult vaccination;
  • There are far less invasive measures of disease prevention including good nutrition, homeopathy and use of titers--proven safe and effective during global pandemics for centuries—including, but not limited to, the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918;
  • These alternative therapy methods provide safe and effect disease protection, and can be tailored for the exact disease strain unlike flu vaccines--and can be used safely and effectively against bacterial and viral illness--prophylactically, and after exposure;
  • Most importantly, vaccination does not always confer 'immunization' as we see when children are fully vaccinated get chickenpox, flu, etc, and may actually spread the virus after vaccination.
  • Most vaccinations are for rare or mild diseases and carry more risk than benefit; for example, there has not been a death from the measles in the US since 2003; during the same time period there have been 108 recorded deaths after a measles vaccine.1
  • For Further Information on Homeopathy in Epidemics:

See, D. Shepherd, Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases (Rustington, Essex [U.K.]: Health Sciences Press, (1967). Available from Homeopathic Educational Services,  2124 Kittredge St., Berkeley, CA 94704.




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