Have We Fallen so Far?

08/17/2016 10:32

by Wayne Flaherty


Have we fallen so far that God will abandon us in our time of greatest need? God has destroyed cities and nations that have abandoned him. Is it possible that we are to suffer that same fate?


My gut instinct tells me that we have not fallen that far. Certainly, we are no longer "one nation under God" that we once were - if we ever were. We have our faults but as a nation we still show compassion for the less fortunate. We still try to be "our brother's keeper". No nation on earth can match our compassion and generosity when a dire need is called to our attention. We open our hearts and our wallets for the benefit of total strangers with no thought of reward.


Still, we find ourselves under constant attack, physically as well as ideologically. The barbarians are not only at our gates, they are in our midst. They are within our borders by virtue of our generosity toward the less fortunate. We are set upon by a virtual army of takers, those who have not the slightest intention of contributing anything to our society. One of the first colonies established on this continent was Roanoke. It was initially set up as a commune in which all members shared equally in whatever they had. This idea fell into disfavor after a couple of years when the leaders found that some members were contributing nothing, but shared equally with those who were producing their harvest. To combat this problem, they changed to a system with one basic rule, "if you don't work, you don't eat". That solved the problem of the freeloaders for them.


The solution is not so simple for our country. Millions of people, aided by an army of experts, have learned to pick the government pockets. This has given rise to a new form of slavery. Once productive citizens have now become totally on the government for their very existence. Some are in legitimate need for a limited period of time when they lose their jobs for whatever reason. Unfortunately, most of those on food stamps (47 million Americans plus God only knows how many illegal immigrants) and welfare are content to live on the Democrat Plantation. The only work they ever do is to vote for their Democrat slave masters who promise to keep the free cash flowing in exchange for a vote.


Not content to own the unwavering loyalty of these welfare slaves, the Democrat slave masters want to exert the power of their government over all Americans. Chief among these new barbarians is Hillary (promise them everything but give them nothing) Clinton. With the ancient barbarians, nothing less than total victory satisfied them. They broke down the city gates and stormed into the city, butchering all who dared stand in their way. The new barbarians are cut from the same cloth. Witness the corruption in Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democrat nomination. Lies, a totally rigged system, a willingness to do anything and say anything to achieve the total victory that is the hallmark of all barbarians. She has demonstrated by her actions over the past years that she is willing to sacrifice even the lives of American citizens to gain power. Her insistence on bringing in more refugees along with ISIS fighters, endangers us all. That appears to be a price she is willing to pay to gain that one more second of power.


Most Americans cannot understand this mad desire of a Hillary Clinton to control the lives of others. If others leave them alone, most Americans will respond in kind, content to live lives of peace and tranquility. Unfortunately God will punish the innocent along with the guilty. In ancient Jerusalem, God declared, “Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city." Hopefully, God will find that one person in America and we will be spared his wrath.