How Google Plans to Steal the Election

04/14/2016 11:38

by Protect Internet Freedom


Forget a great ground game or million dollar ad campaigns. The 2016 election will be won in a completely different way, thanks to Google.

They’ve been toying with the search rankings to push voters one way or another for years now, and esteemed psychologist Robert Epstein has a new report that explains just how much it’ll impact the election in 2016.

Check it out.


Really, this is huge. We know now that Google search rankings push the voting preferences of undecided voters from 20-80%.

And we know the former White House/Clinton staffers/Obama BFFs at Google aren’t going to tweak these search results without bias.  If you need a real life example, consider this:

If you type “hillary clinton emails” into Google’s search engine, the #1 link on the list is not one of the hundreds of articles written on the scandal. It’s not one of the viral videos surrounding the controversy. The first organic result is the link to Hillary Clinton’s campaign web page explaining why the emails aren’t a big deal.  Seriously, try it for yourself!

This type of manipulation has the power to change the entire outcome of the 2016 election -- and of course it works to benefit big government liberals who have befriended Google.

This is not something to be ignored.

Google’s outright partnership with the left is threatening everything from our privacy to our democracy -- and it’ll only get worse if we don't try to stop it soon.