I Say It Was Murder

02/17/2016 10:02

by Wayne Flaherty


In the history of the world, murder has been used in every civilization by those who crave power, by those who wish to keep the power they have, and by malcontents acting alone. From Caesar's cries of "Et Brute!" to the Borgia's in Italy, to the assignation of Archduke Ferdinand that started a war, and on to modern day America when President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, murder remains a popular choice to achieve a goal.

These murders are best carried out when the perpetrators can find or create a stooge they can blame. In the case of Kennedy, I wrestled with the problem of who profited from his death. Johnson profited but he is too obvious and it would be impossible to hide his involvement. There is another little known fact that is almost totally invisible to the general public. Kennedy had a plan to migrate America back onto a hard money standard - gold. Who would stand to lose the most if he were successful? The Federal Reserve comes to mind. The international and wall street bankers come to mind. All the people who profit from the manipulation of paper money with nothing tangible to back it up come to mind.

The death of supreme court justice Scalia was no accident. The liberals who are in total control of this country can see the handwriting on the wall. Donald Trump is becoming the man of choice of the people - and that scares the hell out of the liberals. Their darling Hillary is getting creamed in early elections.. It will only take a couple more losses and she will be declared non-electable. In her place will come a collection of old line liberals with all the charm of a chunk of petrified wood.

I consider it strange that the arch enemy of the liberal establishment should be found dead with a pillow on his face. Of course all investigations will be conducted under the control of liberal law enforcement agencies. They will be watched over closely by the liberal mainstream media intent on making sure that no hint of wrongdoing is allowed.

The result of Scalia's death is that a Muslim president will be allowed to select the next Supreme Court justice. This means the Supreme Court will make a sharp philosophical left turn and feel free to institute liberal policies like same-sex marriage. It will welcome illegal aliens into American society with full benefits, including the right to vote (as Democrats, of course).

Call it what you will, I call it murder.



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