DHS: "It's going Hot.."

09/05/2012 10:55

by John Moore


{The following is an interesting scenario, one where some 'national emergency' could provide cover for the current administration to suspend the November elections.  Certainly, we know that economic collapse is not a matter of 'if' but rather when.  However, it should be pointed out that SCYTL owned by George Soros will be counting the votes of 26 states electronically in the upcoming election. NOT ONE American is associated with this company. This is by far the greater threat to Liberty because as Stalin has noted.." he who counts the votes has the power." Electronic votes are easily changed as there is NO paper trail to the voter. IS THERE A PROBLEM WITH FOREIGN OWNERSHIP OF USA ELECTION SOFTWARE?  "Not if you don't mind some unknown guys working offshore controlling whatever they choose to in the software processing votes and voters... Because a computer will only do what its programmers and administrators tell it to do, whoever issues the commands gains ultimate control over how it receives, counts, and reports votes, voter registrations, and voter histories."

Given the well established Bilderburg associations of this President and his willingness to give the bankers whatever they want, suspending elections is somewhat unlikely but not impossible. Ordinarily, this would be dismissed as just another crazy scheme but given this President's actions, his DHS Chief Napolitano's threats against ordinary citizens, the mysterious FEMA camps and particularly Obama's predilection to grant himself extraordianry powers through executive fiat while circumventing Congress, it's well worth the time to consider. We leave it to our readers to judge both it's plausibility and probability of occurence.- Ed.}

The scenario begins: "28 August 2012:  It’s going hot.  Those were the ominous opening and closing words from my source inside the Department of Homeland Security in two separate contacts we had within the last 72 hours. Readers to this website and listeners to my radio program know this source as “Rosebud,” a source with access to high levels within the DHS administration."

My  two confidential sources (who don't know each other) advise me that:
1.) Trains loaded with military equipment ( Trucks, generators, forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, artillery, armor) continue to leave low lying coastal areas headed to high ground in the interior. This is to avoid the oceans coming out of their basins.
2.) Obama knows (because very astute analysts have told him so) that he will loose the election.
     A.) The third week of October there will be a contrived economic collapse/bank holiday along with social disorder.
     B.) It will be so severe that UN troops (i.e. Russian/Chinese/East European) will graciously respond to Obama's call during our time of need to restore civil order.
     C.) There will be no election.
This contrived economic collapse was not scheduled to occur until after the election.
There will be a window of several days, to perhaps a week, when things are beginning to fall apart with the economy ( Stock market crash, etc.) that everything still works (i.e. commercial aviation, credit cards, Internet, no travel restrictions, sales of firearms & ammunition, etc). It is that window when you can make any last minute adjustments to where you physically are located and perhaps make a few last minute purchases of essentials (chocolate, gasoline, ammunition).
Once this goes down, wherever you are is (like it or not) where you will be for an undetermined period of time.
In addition to my two sources, Doug Hagmann with the Northeast Intelligence Network has two DHS sources of his own.  In his article titled 'It's going hot!",  he quotes his sources saying that there will be no national elections in November. While his sources do not give a specific scenario, the intelligence is essentially the same.
I also suggest reading the first chapter ( 22 pages) of Patriots, A Novel Of Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley, Rawles. These 22 pages give a not all that unlikely scenario of what a fast moving economic collapse could look like.