John McCain, the war hero?.. a different View

08/16/2017 12:24

by P. Wells


When it comes to heroism and POW status I have a slightly different take then most. Every one that serves or has served in military conflict had the potential for POW status. Just because you drew the short straw doesn’t make you a hero, it just makes you unlucky.

I don’t see Obama’s little puppet, Sgt. Bergdahl as a hero, he was supposedly a POW and there are others that acted stupidly and ended up as a POW and brought the same fate on those around them. Are they heroes or just unlucky? Getting your arms and legs broke during ejection from your aircraft because you panicked and didn’t follow procedure doesn’t make you a hero either, it just shows that you screwed up (leaves one to wonder why you were shot down as well).

Being a veteran for that matter
doesn’t make you a hero  as well, Hitler was a Veteran, my Hero? Probably not. Heroism is and should be awarded upon action, not fate. People have done heroic deeds and no one noticed, heroes? In my book yes. McCain? Too bad he got shot down, did he do it doing some heroic action? No, he was just doing his job and apparently not all that well. He did nothing that reviled heroism above and beyond any of the other men that flew on those missions.

His actions against the POW we left behind negates any and all hero status in my world. He was a traitor for his actions against them and he is a traitor for his actions against his party and the people he was elected to support. As far as what went on in the prison camp, I could care less, no actually I couldn’t care less, it’s his actions since he became a figure in the public eye that lay open his character and it fails in all respects. Yeah, he served, so did a lot of others, many of them did it because they were called and others because they sought to serve their country. McCain I suspect had visions of self-promotion in mind and it would seem he took steps at the cost of the POW that we left behind to ensure that those visions materialized by closing the books on his past and their future.

Obama was a puppet, Not so for the war heroes, he and Kerry were both scum, they both fed off the respect for military personal to enrich themselves. I have absolutely zero respect for either.

For those of you that think McCain is a war hero I suggest you watch this video.

This is one Vietnam Veteran that sees McCain in a very different light, and war hero is not one of his illuminating qualities.