June 2012: A Definitive Date in the Advance of Government Tyranny

07/05/2012 09:15

(WASHINGTON) – On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The law was passed in 2010 by a Democrat-controlled House and Senate and signed into law by President Barack Obama. In its decision, the Supreme Court upheld the law – including the individual mandate – as constitutional. Congressman Tim Huelskamp, who was not in the U.S. House of Representatives when the law was passed, issued the following statement about the Court’s landmark decision:

When they look back on the American system of once-limited government, June 28, 2012 will stand as a definitive date in the advance of government tyranny.  Today, a slim majority of the Supreme Court turned our Constitution on its head, and ruled that the federal government, in effect, can force upon the American people anything it damn well pleases – as long as it is called a tax.  Unlimited federal power, combined with judicial activism, has crafted a new regime that has destroyed our Founders’ vision.


Not only are individual liberties destroyed as a result of ObamaCare, but taxpayers are on the hook for a non-workable, ineffective, and outrageously expensive health care program.  ObamaCare will drive America into bankruptcy, as the law is already radically exceeding original cost estimates.  The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that millions of Americans will likely lose their health insurance plan as employers are driven out of business or are unable to meet massive new mandates and costs of Washington.


Although the court ruled the law could stand, this does not mean the law should stand. I will continue to work toward repealing ObamaCare before it is fully implemented, and will continue to support common sense solutions that actually fix – rather than worsen – America’s health care system. We need to get rid of IPAB, which will raid $500 billion from Medicare and force rationing upon America’s seniors. We need to eliminate the patient records database that threatens doctor-patient confidentiality and privacy. We need to kill the provisions that undermine religious liberty. And, we need to eradicate the expensive burdens placed on America’s job creators that will ultimately drive at least 20 million people to lose their workplace-based coverage."

“The Court may have spoken, but the American people can have the last word this November when they go to the polls and decide the future of our nation. We need the American people in charge, not politicians and bureaucrats.”


One solution co-sponsored by Congressman Tim Huelskamp is the Empowering Patients First Act (HR 3000), introduced by Representative Tom Price, MD. This patient-centered legislation repeals the President’s health care law and replaces it with innovative solutions making health care more accessible to all Americans, includes reform to make coverage more available to people with pre-existing conditions, enhances choice and portability to put patients not bureaucrats in control, improves the health care delivery system by rewarding and encouraging personal responsibility, and reduces waste, fraud, abuse, and excessive litigation.



Congressman Tim Huelskamp is a freshman representing the First District of Kansas.  He serves on the House Budget,

Agriculture, and Veterans’ Affairs Committees, and he is a member of the House Republican Study Committee.