Katie Couric - the Lying Fraud

05/27/2016 09:25

by Wayne Flaherty


Another member of the left wing press has come under fire by conservatives. Katie Couric created a documentary titled "Under the Gun". Couric, an executive producer of the film, also acted as interviewer.


At a gathering of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a staunch pro-gun group, she is heard asking this question: "If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorist from walking into, say, a licensed gun dealer and purchasing a gun?"


 What viewers of the documentary are unaware of is that Couric had videotaped the group earlier as they sat in silence waiting to be interviewed. Then she added nine seconds of that silent videotape into the documentary after asking the question.


The documentary shows the group members quietly looking at Couric, each other and toward the ground, as if no one has an answer to the question. This goes on for about nine seconds, and then there's a transition to an explanation of background checks.


The documentary had its TV premiere on May 15. One week later, the Ammoland blog published the audio from the group interview, demonstrating that the activists started responding to Couric's question right away.


One would think that a blatant act designed to mislead the public and cast a group in an unfavorable light would call down the wrath of upper management. Not so! The troops have rallied around Couric with the usual array of left wing excuses and twisted justifications.


To see just how far these people will go search on:



  They want your guns and will go to any length, tell any lie, and perpetrate any fraud to get them.