Lady al Qaeda ISIS Poster Girl

09/04/2014 09:30

by Martin Gould


An MIT-educated neuroscientist terrorist known as 'Lady al Qaeda' was named on a 'laundry list' of demands from ISIS captors holding James Foley named, it was revealed on Aug. 22nd.  ISIS offered to swap American Journalist James Foley for 'Lady al Qaeda': Terrorists wanted return of MIT-educated neuroscientist who was caught with plans for 'mass casualty attack' with a dirty bomb, Ebola, and a chemical weapon 'that spared children.'  But President Barack Obama's administration point blank refused to consider releasing Siddiqui, or handing over a $132 million ransom, according to the New York Times.


Petite mother-of-three Aafia Siddiqui is currently serving 86 years in a Texas jail after being arrested with plans for a 'mass casualty attack' in the US, including infecting people with Ebola and a dirty bomb.

 She was named by Foley's captors on a 'laundry list' as the person they wanted in a prisoner swap

  • ISIS sent 'laundry list' of demands for release of James Foley
  • Before ransom rose to $132m, ISIS wanted release of Afia Siddiqui among other prisoners
  • Mother-of-three was jailed after she was caught with plans for 'mass casualty attack' and details of New York landmarks
  • Author describes her as a 'poster girl for jihadists' and her release would have been PR disaster for Obama
  • In her handbag was found details for a dirty bomb, Ebola, and a theoretical chemical weapon that did not kill children, her New York trial was told 

The government refused to enter into negotiation with his captors and launched failed rescue attempt instead - in contrast to the Bowe Bergdahl swap


Martin Gould is a journalist writing for the Daily Mail Online