Let's build an illegal welcome center or psychiatric detention facility

08/11/2015 10:20

by Allen Williams


2016 is right around the corner so it's time for property tax millage hikes for new essential items and services; the price government demands for living in your own home. Agenda 21 sustainable development programs cost money.

The citizens of Johnson County, Kansas must keep in mind that the primary purpose of Overland Park's mayor and city council is to figure out new ways to spend your money. Of course, this is not a singular effort, there is plenty of generous support from the JoCo Board of Commissioners. But, where to begin? What with the county agonizing over a new flag design (just a simple black swastika on white background would suffice), redevelopment of shopping facilities at 95th and Metcalf (never mind that the Jones Store , Macy's, and K-Mart all closed one after the other and a home dry goods store there has been vacant for ten years), the latest plan can't fail.  And guess who's going to finance it beyond the developers fronting the money? Why you will in the form of property tax abatement. Surprise!

However, this year's brainchild winner goes to JoCo's 'stepping up' program for mental health screening which makes one wonder why Obamacare exists. But, maybe the new stepping up center could work if the former shopping area at 95th and Metcalf was incorporated into a combination Illegal alien Welcome Center and Mental Health Facility. A special drive through addition might be helpful. It is JoCo's stated purpose to reduce the mental health population in jails. What does that really mean? Mentally ill individuals who have committed crimes are going to be incarcerated somewhere so the county's plan is pure deception. Misrepresenting the real purpose of government programs has become an art.

The JoCo county newsletter reports that "Each year nearly two million people with mental illness are admitted to a US jail. Also, jails spend two to three times more on people with mental illnesses than they do on others...collecting data to measure the extent of the problem, developing a plan and tracking our progress.. - Joco Govt p.5"  Taxpayers will still be on the hook for treatment costs whether inmates get it in jail or a new 'step-up' center.

The article fails to mention just how one might be diagnosed as mentally deficient so as not to overtax jail facilities but that information only comes from the JoCo website NOT the information sent out to the public in the magazine.: "Since 2010, the Mental Health Co-responder program has embedded mental health therapists into law enforcement agencies  (Olathe and Overland Park police departments so far) to respond to the scene of calls potentially involving someone suffering from mental illness." Count on the police transporting you (on recommendation from the co-responder) for further evaluation to the 'step up' center at the point of arrest if you're cooperative otherwise from jail. But, what could go wrong with such a worthy program?

Well, for one thing motorists likely will be given a choice after being arrested for DUI, domestic violence, stolen vehicle, child endangerment, or perhaps just being lippy to the arresting officer, etc to receive a free ride to the 'stepping up' facility for evaluation. And your attorney isn't going to be able to spring you from the 'cookie jar' by posting bail. No Sir. The individual will be held until deemed sane enough (or milked dry) by 'stepping up' staff to be returned to the streets. And guess who is going to pay for the treatment? Also, once inside the facility by choice or force, you will never again be able to possess a firearm for the rest of your life. 

In the new 'stepping up' facility it would be discovered whether or not you're an illegal alien and if so, you would be immediately released to continue robbing, raping and murdering. Others not so fortunate, would have DNA samples taken and archived, fingerprinted and interviewed by (fill in the blank) and likely become a candidate for experimental psychiatric drugs. "In the 1960s and 70s, Haldol was given to “angry black men” in America, after laying on the justification that they were suffering from schizophrenia." It could also be a good place to dump political dissidents and protestors. It was very common in the old Soviet Union to put dissidents into mental health facilities. "Forensic psychiatry in Eastern Europe, and in particular in the former Soviet Union, was closely and directly involved in the systematic use of psychiatry for political purposes by declaring political and religious dissidents mentally ill."

There is no mention in the JoCo article of putting the 'stepping up' program as it's called for removing 'loose bolts' from the county's lock-up facilities to a public vote because those elected feel that the public has already given carte blanche approval to government as a result of favorable poll numbers on its recent 'Community Survey.'  Commissioners further feel that once elected they don't have to seek approval from those who elected them ever again. After all, government conceptual programs are simply too important to waste time and money on a public vote. Expect the stepping up facility to cost about three times the millage rate currently being sought.


No government program ever starts out to be abusive but historically, this is always the outcome