MIchigan Judge Orders Parent-Child Relationship or ELSE!

07/20/2015 11:45

by Allen Williams


Oakland County Michigan Family Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca has ordered the children in a court divorce settlement to have lunch with their father or be in contempt and sent to a detention camp. (Yes, that's detention as in an internment camp. Didn't the Nazis do the same thing to the Jews?) The Christian Examiner reports: "The Judge issued the contempt of court rulings after the children refused to meet with their father for lunch claiming the children were defying her previous order to "have a healthy relationship" with him. The original sentence to juvenile detention was to remain in effect until the children decided to have a relationship with their father or turned 18."  Why not simply shoot the 14-yr-old dead as the Cleveland, Ohio police do?


After the oldest boy-14 refused to have lunch with his father telling the judge of alleged physical abuses by the dad against the boy's mother, and denying he did anything wrong in not obeying the judge's order, the judge exploded: "No, you did," Gorcyca insisted. "I ordered you to talk to your father. You chose not to talk to your father. You defied a direct court order. It's direct contempt so I'm finding you guilty of civil contempt." [emphasis mine]

Ordered? The judge's threat to the minor children is not only 'over the top' but makes a strong case for YEARLY mental health evaluations for Michigan justices to remain on the bench. It's also further indication of just how far Government sponsored Fascism has crept into everyday American life.  What ever happened to "women and children don't lie"; guess that only applies to the National Organization of Women's alleged abuses. But it gets better, the judge slams the boy's intelligence with a further retort: "You're supposed to have a high IQ, which I'm doubting right now because of the way you act," Gorcyca stated. We might say the very same thing to you judge, despite the fact that you received a law degree from Wayne State University, a Detroit area school with a long history of violence and a third rate law school at best; nevertheless you should have had the IQ to grasp the basics of American Jurisprudence as opposed to implementing your own version of Shariah law.

Judge Gorcyca's responsibility is to grant custody to one parent or another with visitation rights for the other, adjudicate property, etc. It is not to interdict the court or the government into the private lives of citizens and dictate behavior. Michigan and other state laws which permit this function are clearly unconstitutional and a direct result of the myriad of foreign treaties signed by the federal government which are now trumping traditional laws around the country..


What we are witnessing in America today is the state's total usurption of constitutional rights and parental authority. From the courts decreeing of gay, marriage to telling business owners they must photograph, bake goods for and give over their private properties for ceremonies with which they do not agree, to the police detaining children for walking home by themselves with parental permission. What the government is saying in these various decisions is that no citizen has the right to his or her own freewill choices, other than to abort their child. There is a strangulating tyranny descending on the populace. Can you feel it?


The Tsimhoni family doesn't appear to have very good legal representation in Michigan but that's hardly a surprise in today's America, most of the attorneys are concentrating on the spoils to be had from gay divorce. One wonders if the judge would have been more lenient if the parents had been gay or Muslim? The reason the judge up to now has been getting away with this outrage is because minor children in America don't have any more legal rights than the unborn, aside from the state specifically granting them the right to have sex change operations, buy RU-486 abortifacient over the counter or have an abortion without parental knowledge. Only after Gorcyca's court shenanigans were made public is the judge getting any flak:"..the Judge expressed anger at the publicity surrounding the case. She accused the media of creating a "frenzied, misinformed and misguided public - [IBID]."


Misinformed..in what way? Misguided? I'd say the judge is describing her own court actions. It appears this judge needs to revisit the 8th, 13th and 14th amendments. Instigating cruel and unusual punishment on children who do not wish to relate to a parent is not the state's business; it is the child's freewill choice. The world has already had it's Hitler youth movement.


It's up to you America to abolish corrupt govenment. Don't expect the bevy of morons who populate today's judicary to do anything constructive or meaningful.