Mr. Trump - Your Next Jobs Speech

11/11/2016 10:04

by Wayne Flaherty


Mr. Trump, during your next jobs speech, stop, just stop. Then say, "For just a moment, I want to speak to the African-American community. Specifically, I want to talk about your future if Hillary Clinton had become president."


She has said that she will increase the number of refugees by 550 %. It means that, in her first term as president, she would bring 620,000 refugees into your country.


That is a population about the size of Baltimore, Milwaukee, Memphis, or San Jose. Imagine that, a population equal to a major city. Where do you think these 620,000 refugees will live? Will they live across from the Whitehouse? No, of course not. Will they live next door to Hillary Clinton? Not on your life. Will they live in Beverly Hills with the movie stars? Not unless they too, are movie stars. OK, Mr. Trump, where will they live? It's very simple. They will move into affordable housing in the neighborhood. They will move in next door to you.


Once they are there, what's next? Isn't it obvious? They will look for jobs. Will they look for a job as a rocket scientist? Hardly. Will they look for a job as president of some large corporation? Not likely. Will they look for a manufacturing job in the local factory? Oops, I forgot. The Democrats sent all those jobs overseas. You know exactly what they will do. They will look for the same job you are looking for. They will compete with you for jobs.


While they look for one of your jobs, they will compete with you for government services, you know, welfare, food stamps, ADC, etc. Their kids will join your kids in your schools. You won't be able to move your kids to another school because vouchers are not allowed by Democrats. They want your kids in government schools because they depend on the teacher's union votes to stay in office.


Mostly the refugees only want to live in peace, but some do not. The terrorists who sneak in with the refugees will bring a new face of crime to your neighborhood.  Now for the important question, "Is that the future you want for you and your friends and neighbors?" If it is not, then I have a plan you might like better.

Now, Mr. Trump, as the announcer might say, "Here's your next president!"


Tell them how it's going to be under your administration. Tell them how you are going to make their lives better than they have been under decades of Democrat controlled local and state governments. Show them a future filled with Republican hope, not a past filled with Democrat disappointment.