No God-Given Right

07/29/2016 10:11

by Wayne Flaherty


Your country is a lot like your home. Common sense rules that apply in your home also apply in your country. The first and most important rule is the simplest. I have no God-Given right to enter your home without your permission. If I come into your home without your permission, it is called an illegal entry. It may take many forms such as breaking and entering (smashing a window and crawling in) or entering under false pretense (falsely claiming to be from the utility company). No matter what form it takes, I am there uninvited and am therefore an intruder. Being an intruder allows you to deal with me in a completely different way than if I am a guest. As a guest I have a right to be treated in a civil manner as long as I don't abuse the stated or implied house rules. If you ask me to leave, I am obligated to leave - no questions asked. If I am an intruder, you have a right to use reasonable force to cause me to leave.

This same logic applies when you talk about your country. No one has a God-Given right to enter your country without your permission. You may stop anyone from entering your country for any reason or for no reason. You have no obligation to explain anything to anyone being denied access to your country. The same rules apply to your country as apply to your home. Illegal aliens entering your country must expect to be treated the same way you treat those who enter your home illegally. They are intruders and should be dealt with as such. It matters not if they are refugees or disentranced in some other way. Their plight gives them no special rights beyond the compassion people give to any other person in need.

With the approval of, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, illegal immigrants have been given special treatment. They are given cash to help them blend into our society. They have designated safe havens where they can escape prosecution for their crimes. You, as an American citizen, cannot do the same to avoid prosecution. For you, there is no safe haven.

Mexico has a problem with illegal immigrants entering their country across their southern border. Unlike your country, they have a simple solution - just pass them through their country and let them enter America via your southern border. To stem the tide of illegal immigrants, Mexico is now considering a wall across their southern border. A steady stream numbering in the hundreds per day cross your southern border illegally. They overwhelm the social services of whatever state they enter. They commit every kind of crime imaginable. If the authorities pursue them, they simply slip back into Mexico. To date, no Mexican national has ever been extradited for a crime committed in your country - no matter how heinous the crime. Murders, rapists, and kidnappers all find sanctuary in Mexico.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama favor open borders, especially from the middle east. The danger of that kind of thinking should be obvious. If you need proof, look to Europe. France has seen terrible atrocities committed against its people by refugees from middle east countries. Refugees in France have taken over sections of Paris and declared those areas to be under Sharia law. Germany accepted one million immigrants. Now, they suffer almost daily attacks from these same immigrants. Small wonder that Britain voted to leave the European Union. The situation has become so dire in Europe that there is talk of limiting access from France into the United States. The fact that ISIS and other terrorist groups are coming into your country with the legitimate refugees makes the solution obvious - stop the flow of refugees until you can find a way to sort out those who truly seek asylum from those who would do you harm.

It's your home and it's your country. I urge you to defend them both with equal vigor. It's your God-Given right.