NSA Impersonates Google to Collect and read secure online communications.

10/30/2013 10:40

by Doug Hill

I just read something extremely disturbing, that most people may not have heard about yet.


Buried in a Brazilian television broadcast yesterday was a report how the NSA impersonated the #1 website in the world to intercept, store and read secure online communications. Essentially the NSA gains access to an internet provider. They then forward the traffic to a site that acts as a stealthy intermediary, harvesting data before forwarding you to the intended destination.

So in comparison to what we already knew the NSA is involved in... storing your phone conversations, email and tracking your online movements, this is worse.Much worse.

With this approach the web they cast is very wide. They can no longer claim they are just looking for terrorists "to protect us." Even if you have nothing to hide... done nothing wrong, you could be caught in their web.

America is taking a very dangerous path. The more we learn the more certain I am we need to take action to protect what's ours.

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