NY Times reported that WH received evidence of Trump campaign investigation from 6 agencies wiretaps

03/06/2017 08:42

by Orly Taitz


Mark Levin appeared on FOX and friends today, March 5th, and provided a list of multiple publications by the left wing media, all stating that according to their sources in the government 6 government agencies investigated Trump and his campaign and they presented the WH with the results of wiretap investigations. NY Times is among those publications.

First FISA court application was made in June 2016, it was denied.  Government was told to narrow the application. Application was narrowed, word Trump was removed and the second, more narrow application, was granted in November. Nothing was found, but the wiretap and surveillance continued.

6 agencies included:

  1. DOJ
  2. FBI
  3. CIA
  4. DNI
  5. NSA
  6.  Department of Treasury investigative unit

Sessions and heads of all of these agencies need to make public all of the proof that surveillance took place. All parties which were involved, should be prosecuted for the abuse of power {Now we have a good idea of who is providing leaks to the news media - ED}


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