Obama' Guantanamo Plan

01/08/2016 09:15

by Wayne Flaherty


Recently, President Obama presented a plan to transfer all the prisoners from Guantanamo Bay Prison to prisons in the U.S. No matter what his stated reason, the truth lies just below the surface. To understand what Obama is trying to do you must think like he thinks - like a Muslim thinks. Make no mistake about it, President Obama is a Muslim. If you don't believe it just consider his actions over the last 7 years. Despite taking an oath to defend the constitution, he repeatedly ignores it and uses Executive Orders that frequently fly in the face of the constitution. However, they do not fly in the face of Muslim law.

If you believe Obama has defied the constitution the question becomes, "Why don't the Republicans put a stop to it? After all they control the purse strings of the federal government. The answer is simple and it comes from the celebrated cartoonist Al Capp, originator of the Lil Abner comic strip. More than just a creator of cartoons, Capp was also a keen social commentator. He once proposed that our two political parties be combined into a single party under the name Publicrats. Astute as he was, little did he know that we would someday have exactly that. The Republicans and Democrats who sit in the halls of congress have long since ceased to represent the people who elected them. Instead, they represent only themselves. Obtaining campaign contributions by legislation favorable to their wealthy patrons, congress is now filled with millionaires, many of whom achieved that status after they were elected. Capp had the right idea - he just got the name wrong. The current inhabitants of congress are best described as members of "The Incumbent Party".  They all have the same two objectives - get elected and stay elected. The reason the Republicans don't stop Obama's continuous ignoring of the constitution is simple - there is nothing in it for them - there is no profit in stopping Obama.

Now, back to the issue of moving prisoners. Remember, the people in  Guantanamo Prison are Muslims and a true Muslim is not a religious person, he is a military person. Although the press would have you believe that Muslims are just religious folk like you and me, nothing is further from the truth. Muslim law calls for the elimination or assimilation of all infidels. In other words anyone who refuses to obey Muslim law, must be killed.

Watch the news from France. Hordes of Muslims took control of several blocks of Parisian streets and imposed Muslim law on any and all who ventured inside their captured territory. Again, you must think like a Muslim. If you can control part of the enemy's land you can gain a foothold (albeit temporary) and begin to impose your will on him. That is exactly what Obama is trying to do. By transferring Muslims into the population of U.S. prisons, he is providing his Muslim brothers a foothold into a fertile recruiting ground. Just as Guantanamo prisoners hate their jailers, many American prisoners hate their jailers. Immediately they have something in common and brothers in hate easily become brothers in arms.

If this all sounds preposterous I suggest you go to http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/sharia-law.html where you will find a full explanation of Sharia Law, the law of Islam. There, you will see the end result of Obama's plan.

There is a problem with reading this article. You can't ever say you weren't warned.