Obama the Hypocrite

06/28/2016 08:33

by Wayne Flaherty


The vote is in. Britain is leaving the European Union. This is certainly a blow to British Prime Minister David Cameron who campaigned long and hard for Britain to stay in the EU. With a 70 percent voter turnout, the British people voted 17 to 16 million to leave the EU. Almost everyone was expecting the Brits to vote to stay. English bookies were giving big odds that the stay vote would prevail.


One of the major arguments for leaving was the fact that EU leaders in Brussels were not responsive to the people of Britain. They are disconnected and have little concern for the British people. Early polling indicates that older people carried the day for the leave faction. Young people favored staying. It seems that people who have seen better days were eager for change from an unresponsive government.


There is a parallel with what is happening here in the America. The Trump movement has touched a nerve with the American people who feel a disconnect with the Obama government. When Obama went to Britain and campaigned for them to stay in the EU, he exhibited the worst form of hypocrisy. Not only did he meddle in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, he did it without any mandate from congress or the American people. This disconnect is eerily similar to the disconnect the British people felt.


With Hillary Clinton running on a campaign of four more years of an Obama like regime, the props have been kicked out from under her bid for the presidency.


The EU vote is a another blow to Obama as he has, in just the last two days, had two major setbacks. The supreme court let stand a lower court ruling that he could not unilaterally make laws as that is the duty of congress. His amnesty program to keep illegals in the country is now dead. Hillary's similar plan for illegals also a thing of the past. She had promised to continue and even expand on Obama's plan to protect illegals.


Now comes the rejection of his attempts to keep Britain in the EU. I firmly believe that the vote to leave the EU will embolden the populist movement in America.  Trump supporters now have reason to believe that they really can take back their government from the professional politicians in favor of a more responsive government. Obama's attempts to deny the terrorist attacks are the work of ISIS and other Islamic organizations has fallen on deaf ears. He and his aides have created a disconnect from the American people that cannot be repaired except by a revolt in the general election that calls for America to take a drastic change of direction.


I believe in destiny. A look back in history reveals that when things look desperate there often comes on the scene a figure from nowhere to accept the challenge and become the instrument of change. Who would have thought that Donald Trump would almost effortlessly defeat all comers in open primary elections? This morning, one British supporter of leaving the EU declared that yesterday should be celebrated as Britain's Independence Day. He spoke for the 17 million Brits who want to regain control of their lives.


American politicians would do well to prepare themselves for voters who are also looking for an Independence Day.