Obamacare Likely to Force Genetically Enhanced Treatments

04/29/2014 12:30

by Staff


A global synthetic biology market, i.e. genome engineering is developing worldwide and experiecing rapid growth.  Some of the company participants are Agrivida, Inc., Algenol Biofuels, Inc., ATG:biosynthetics GmbH, Bayer AG,  Bristol-Myers Squibb, Biosearch Technologies, Inc., DuPont, Inc. Exxon Mobil Corporation, GeneWorks Pty Ltd., New England Biolabs, Inc., OriGene Technologies, Inc.


"Synthetic biology market by technologies is segmented as genome engineering, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics and biological components and integrated systems. Genome engineering technology can be used to modify genetic foods, gene cloning and gene therapy."

Applications of genome engineering include biological parts, beaverages, cosmetics, food, food additives, and medicine to name but a few.  In one enterprise, yeast is used to produce artificial sweeteners such as stevia.  In another, yeast is used to make an anti malarial drug,

The National Institute of Health promotes the Genetic engineering of human ES and iPS cells using TALE nucleases.  Induced pluropotent (iPS) stem cells are cell lines from aborted babies now used in cosmetics.  Some examples are Eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging Dark Circle & Puffy Eye Cream and Whitening Ginseng And Pearl Snow Lotus Latinal Smoother Face Cream 20g. [USA]

Costs are dramatically reduced with biolgoical engneered products but the long term effects of genetically modified substances are unknown.  The industry simply rushes on to capture a slice of the expanding global market.

Proponents of genome engineering also fail to mention that the technology is nothing but guided evolution. The intent is clear: "Synthetic biology is a synergistic combination of biology and engineering for the construction of artificial biological systems in order to gain desired functions."    However, there's no free lunch, you don't get something for nothing.  New Information cannot be added to gene sequences, all you can do is exchange data and accelerate decay.


The real danger is that DNA, the molecule which encodes all genetic information, can be treated like software. Anyone with a little knowledge of biology can hack out an organism with who knows what effects? Who will gurantee safety, the government?

The concept of 'wellness' is much discussed in the Affordable care Act, so it's very likely that patients will be exposed to gentically modified medicines and supplements.  It is further anticipated that pregnancy will soon be a thing of the past in the new world order as children produced from Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) will be the product of many donors.


Since treatments have to be approved under the Affordable care Act and controlling cost is the main objective, it is highly likely that patients will be coerced into accepting various forms of genetic engineering treatments especially in the case of any organ transplant.  The latest treatise, New technologies allow for precise engineering in Primates "following on the heels of study demonstrating the ability of the CRISPR/Cas9 method to produce genomically edited monkeys" claims "Assuming we one day get past the fear of introducing man-made changes into the collective human genome, there are some pretty obvious targets to go after.  If someone has a genetic difference that causes a disease like sickle cell anemia, it makes sense to fix it.Does it? That, of course, assumes you know what new problems might occur from swapping out this genetic defect.  And, you can't know because it can take many generations before any problems might be discovered. The article continues, "Soon scientists will be able to make one or even multiple genetic changes in a human fertilized egg and change his or her basic blueprint."  It appears that Huxley's, Brave New World has become a reality.  And, lest we forget, Hitler's master race via DARPA's super soldier program!

J ustina Pelletier, a yong teenager snatched from her parents by the State of Massachussetts  and placed in a mental ward is an example of the state forcing unwanted medical treatments under essentially the same healthcare plan as obamacare.

The hospital has now replaced Auschwitz as the best place for removing the 'human weeds' that eugenist Margarat Sanger lamented.