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10/24/2012 08:00

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The task of getting to the truth of Obama's citizenship took a significant leap forward on October 22, 2012 as Indiana trial judge S.K. Reid admitted into evidence the testimony of two witnesses who demonstrated that Obama's birth certificate was a fraud.

Attorney Orly Taitz had attempted to show this back in 2009 when representing presidential candidate Alan Keyes in his Obama eligibility challenge. However, the plaintiff's pleadings were dismissed by the courts on standing issues. One judge even stated, that an inquiry into Obama's personal records would 'embarrass' the president. But, that's not a reason to protect a possible foreign national residing in the highest office in the land.

No eligibility challenge has been heard to date on the merits of the case. Every challenge to Obama's eligibility has been dismissed either on plaintiff's supposed lack of standing, or Obama wasn't the certified party candidate at the time the challenge was brought or the evidence wasn't 'sufficiently convincing' as Malihi claimed' in the Georgia administrative challenge.

It wasn't until after the Georgia challenge that the courts began to realize that Obama's eligibility has gotten enough publicity to warrant some form of action despite the near total media blackout and unending political spin. Marion County Indiana appears to be the first time the evidence against Obama's eligibility was heard.

"Today a trial was conducted in Indianapolis Indiana [Marion, County] on the issue of Daclaratory relief and injunctive relief due to Obama’s use of forged Birth Certificate, Selective Service Certificate and a fraudulently obtained Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425.

Presiding Judge is a superior court Judge Sherry K. Reid. For the Plaintiffs appeared attorneys Orly Taitz and local Indiana counsel Greg Black. For the defense appeared Deputy Attorney General Kenneth Joel and Deputy attorney general Jefferson Garn.

Mr. Papa testified that he graduated from the Indiana Institute of Technology had some 20 years of experience with Adobe Illustrator program. He testified that Obama"s birth certificate opened in Adobe illustrator in 9 layers, which means that this is a document, which underwent computer manipulation. Mr. Papa testified that it cannot be a genuine document, as in 1961 there was no Adobe Illustrator.

Mr. Paul Irey testified that he has 57 years of experience working for NSA and later advertising, typesetting and computer graphics programs. Mr. Irey testified that Obama’s alleged birth certificate is a computer- generated forgery."

Photo: Obama's Alleged Kenyan Birth Certificate"

However, the pundit's reactions have been swift and predictable. Once more SNOPES provides its usual jaded response, claiming Obama's Kenyan birth certificate is phony because it's similar to a fraudulent one perpetrated by Australian David Bomford. Yet SNOPES fails to consider that Obama's BC might equally be fraudulent.

Truth or Fiction states that "The [Kenyan birth certificate] photo is a clever digital manipulation by pranksters according to a June 14, 2011 article by Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily. The article said that radical supporters of Barack Obama have finally admitted to the forgery of the Kenyan birth certificate."

SNOPES argument falsifying Obama's Kenyan birth might have been far more convincing, if other fraudulent documents hadn't already been traced to the president through both e-verify and SSNVS, evidence that questions the validity of his 'original' certificate.

What SNOPES and 'Truth or Fiction' have falsified is a supposed Kenyan birth certificate but not the possibility of a Kenyan birth.

Photo: Obama's alleged Kenyan Birth Certificate top detail"

There is sworn testimony in a court of law by graphic witnesses that Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery versus anecdotal evidence from our venerable 'truth detectors'.

Then there's the persistent question as to why the courts will not permit discovery, nor will Obama release his records and allow his social security and selective service registrations to be verified? As the press often chides, 'If you have nothing to hide then what's the problem in providing the information?'

The answer is there's a lot to conceal.

Despite the pranksters, hoaxsters and their phony documents floating around, there is evidence that Obama may have been born in Kenya.

The best place to hide a lie is between two truths.

The Daily Pen reports: "A recently discovered rare immigration record found by researchers working on behalf of an ongoing investigation into the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of the U.S. presidency reveals that an American consular officer issued a single Certificate of Citizenship to only one passenger arriving in the U.S. from the Kenyan region of Africa between July and December of 1961."

We have evidence that Obama also lived in Indonesia for a period of time because his mother, Ann Dunham lists him as Soebarka on her passport application.

"We know Dunham used a passport at that time on at least one occasion for her departure with Obama Jr. to Indonesia where the two lived with Lolo Soetoro, Dunham’s second husband. If Dunham had filed for a "renewal" of an old passport, rather than for a new passport in the mid 1960’s for the Indonesian trip, which would have been the common practice for the life of a passport, this would have been indicated on the missing application which would have been included with the series of documents released by an FOIA request in early 2010." - The Daily Pen

Afterwards, Dunham registered the child's birth in Honolulu as a certificate of live birth, which omitted the place, and hospital of birth. However, if Obama was adopted by Dunham's second husband in Indonesia, he is no longer a US citizen.

The fact that neither 'truth detector' investigated further suggests complicity on their part or gross incompetence at best. SNOPES and others have now been exposed as shills for the administration whether intentional or not.

Name: Barry Soetoro
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Indonesian

How did this little INDONESIAN Muslim child - Barry Soetoro, (A.K.A. Barack Obama) get around the issue of nationality to become President of the United States of America? There is more than enough justification for proceeding with the Indiana eligibility trial.