Open Letter to John Kasich

03/29/2016 11:43

Dear Governor Kasich,

The history of America is sprinkled with the names of great men who have risen to defend her in her hour of need. America was created by ordinary men who rose to greatness when greatness was needed. They answered destiny's call and pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors to the creation of America.

Who else but George Washington could have led a ragtag army to victory over the most powerful nation on earth? Who else but Thomas Paine could have explained the blessings of liberty to a diverse people with little or no education. Who else but Patrick Henry could have stood up and inspired men to choose liberty over all else amid cries of "treason". These men risked everything to create for you and I a nation like no other the earth has ever seen.

Now, once again, that nation has a need for men of greatness. Without such men America will continue its downward spiral into the pit of socialism where all men are created equal except the self appointed elite. The America you and I know and love will not survive eight more years like the last eight. She stands at the crossroad. Either a serious change in direction must occur or I fear all is lost.

You, John Kasich, can be the instrument of that change. You have to be fully aware that millions of Americans are demanding that change by the support given Donald Trump. They see little difference between Republicans and Democrats so they are looking to Donald Trump to steer America in a different direction.

John Kasich, I am asking you to put on the mantle of greatness by joining with Donald Trump. If you throw your support behind Trump he will be assured of a first ballot victory at the Republican Convention. Exchange your support for the Vice-Presidency and run on a ticket that can prevent the Liberal Democrats from finishing their destruction of America. The people are crying out for a change and you can be instrumental in making that change happen. Think of it. With your knowledge of the workings of congress and your position as Vice President, you could have eight years to undo the damage the liberals have done to America. When Trump steps out of the picture, the Presidency is yours. This will provide you with another eight years to continue the healing process.

The men who created this nation fought tooth and nail to make America what they thought it should be. Now, America needs men who will fight tooth and nail to set her on the right path again. God knows, you have to be fully aware of the size of the task before you if you should decide to embark on the path I suggest. I beg of you, do not let that deter you. Assume the mantle of greatness. Take on the challenge.


Save America. You can do it. I know you can.


Wayne Flaherty