Open letter to the students of Fredrick Douglas High School in Baltimore

05/05/2015 09:45

by Wayne Flaherty


Arm yourselves in preparation for any future incidents involving Baltimore police. Listen to me carefully. I say arm yourselves - not with firearms or destructive weapons but with cell phones. Create a CELLSQUAD prepared to send videos to Facebook, Twitter, Alex Jones (INFOWARS), or other media locations not controlled by the mainstream media.

Think about it. In a war with destructive weapons you will lose. The police have everything on their side, technology, weapons, communications, the legal system, the force of numbers, training, coordinated tactics. You name it - they got it. But, you have a weapon more powerful than anything any police force has - the truth. It seems that I heard someone say, "The truth shall set you free." You have the ability to expose the police actions to the light of day. Exposure is something they absolutely cannot stand, but should not be allowed to avoid.  If the police knew that their every action was going to be posted live on Facebook would they dare to start trouble where there was no reason? Not only would these videos turn public opinion against the police, they could serve as evidence in a court of law.

You have before you the opportunity to create a nationwide movement that would set every police force in America examining  how they deal with people in situations like what just happened in your city. I urge you to sit down and discuss the possibilities of a concerted effort to show the police force in action. I urge you to work toward the day when every high school is armed with a CELLSQUAD. Think big! Contact Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook and ask him to come to your school and help you devise a plan. Tell him you want to nip violence in the bud by sending live videos to some central location on Facebook. From there the videos could go viral in minutes and the actions of the police would be there for all to see. Set up a CELLSQUAD room in your school where kids go to send calls and emails all over the country showing what's happening.  The internet is a window to the world and you should use it to show the world the truth. Set up a list of people you want to see what's happening as it happens - you know, the governor of your state, your congressman, your local religious leaders, anybody you think might have some influence with local authorities.  The idea is to saturate the social media with the truth as can be seen in your on-site videos.

There is a technique you can use to create your plan. It is called "Brainstorming". In Brainstorming, there is one paramount rule - no negatives are allowed! This way, the entire group must expand on the ideas of others or propose an idea of their own. I've seen it in action and I can tell you from firsthand experience - it works.

When you put your minds to it you will find other ways your plan might be used. What if some crazed lunatic begins shooting up your school? Your CELLSQUAD could leap into action, tracking the movements of the shooter to help fellow students find ways to safely exit the building. They might even pinpoint the location of the shooter so a marksman could take him out.

When you develop your CELLSQUAD concept sufficiently, inform other high schools who could then start their own CELLSQUADS. Fredrick Douglas High School could become the center of a national movement so powerful that it could actually change the course of history. Isn't that what you really want - to change the police forces of America to make them act responsibly and be responsible for their actions. When you do that you will have won the war - without firing a shot.

Frederick Douglass High School                                   
2301 Gwynns Falls Pkwy,
Baltimore, MD    21217