Outrageous Nomination of Radical Activist Judge to Superior Court

07/27/2012 09:30

by Mass Resistance

Pro-family citizens have decided: No more anti-family activist judges in Massachusetts!

Pro-family activists, including MassResistance, dominated the confirmation hearing on Wednesday for a left-wing activist attorney, Kenneth Salinger, nominated to be a Superior Court judge by (the ultra-left) Governor Deval Patrick.

RIGHT: Salinger addresses the Governor's Council during hearing.

The pro-family testimony was, not surprisingly, met with hostility and rudeness by the elected officials on the Governor's Council. It was so startling and annoying to the left that the Boston Herald wrote an editorial about it in Friday's edition. The vote is scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon, July 25. But there are also serious questions about the constitutionality of Wednesday's meeting and a lawsuit is being drawn up this weekend for an injunction.

[Right: Salinger addresses Governor's Council during hearing.
MassResistance photo.]

How radical is he?

The nominee, Kenneth Salinger, would be every pro-family citizen's nightmare as a judge. Salinger has given thousands of dollars to the radical activist group MoveOn.org, the pro-abortion group EMILY'S List, and various left-wing politicians across the country.

EMILY'S list ("Early Money Is Like Yeast") funds pro-abortion politicians in the early stages of their campaigns against conservatives. MoveOn.org is a radical national left-wing activist group that organizes pro-Obama political action and supports campaigns across the country for same-sex "marriage" and homosexual school projects such as the "Love Makes a Family" movie.

Salinger is currently working for the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. At the AG's office he has been particularly zealous in helping to fight legal challenges to anti-family legislation such the Buffer Zone law.

He previously was a partner at the Boston law firm of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge. While there, he co-wrote an amicus brief asking the federal courts to declare the military's "Don't ask don't tell" policy unconstitutional.

Salinger left the Boston firm in 2006 to join the AG's office (at a considerable loss of pay) to get more involved in "public service" (according to testimony) - which usually translates to liberal activism.

Terrible situation in Massachusetts judiciary is legendary

Massachusetts is known nationally for its terrible anti-family court system. Some well-known cases include the 1995 South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade case  (where the pro-family group lost on every level in the state courts -- then won 9-0 in the US Supreme Court), the infamous Goodrich same-sex "marriage" ruling, and the David Parker case (ended up in federal court), and there are many others. It's come to a point where pro-family people are unwilling to go to court for help anymore. This is particularly exacerbated in the family courts.

Many conservatives have thrown up their hands and given up. But this nomination may be the turning point.