Parkinson's researcher to appear in court to face fraud charges

08/24/2015 10:45

by Ivan Oransky


A researcher in Australia who has had several papers retracted following an investigation by her former employer is now facing fraud and other charges.

Caroline Barwood


As The Guardian reports:  A former University of Queensland academic accused of fabricating research that claimed a breakthrough in treating Parkinson's disease has been charged with fraud.


The Crime and Corruption Commission also alleges Dr Caroline Barwood, who co-authored two papers that were retracted from scientific journals on the advice of UQ, dishonestly applied for grant funds.  Barwood, 29, of Kuraby, was on Friday served with a notice to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on six charges including fraud, attempted fraud and general dishonesty in obtaining gain from or causing a loss to a commonwealth entity.


Barwood and Bruce Murdoch have had three papers retracted. The University of Queensland announced an investigation into their work in September 2013, and has looked into more than 90 of their papers.


She's due in court on November 6.


Update, 4:15 p.m. Eastern, 10/31/14: Barwood tells us: As you can understand I cannot comment until the legal proceedings are complete. I am saddened and shocked by these allegations given I had no input in the original paper.


Update, 6:50 p.m. Eastern, 10/31/14: Barwood is 29, not 39, as the Crime and Corruption Commission had said. They sent a correction:

*Editor's note: An earlier version of this media release incorrectly stated that the woman is 39 years old. It was corrected at 1:15pm on 31 October 2014. 


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